Shit that is , it’s hard to sell the person 4 channels of ME TOO shit, which is the spot they find themselves in.. The once big 4 of broadcast tv find themselves in deep dodo and are getting ready to sell themselves to Media Conglomerates  such as Comcast. (Comcast looking to buy NBC) . If you thought tv could not get worse , just wait, when they are bought up by god knows who. It’s already to the point in one station has what is perceived a hit the other 3 will jump on board with lookie loos . Case in point are the survival series, or Who lost the most weight, or god forbid Dancing with the stars and for god sakes Life in a Prison.  If they did go away the Comdey channel can probably make room for them or maybe the new Oprah channel will host some. One can always hope.

I till two days ago had 265 channels on my satellite tv system, I cancelled all the Premium channels because quite frankly their’s nothing on them worth watching. They got my bucks for a few years by having no more tha 6 show that I routinely watched, things like The Wire.  They didn’t come back this year and nothing new was worth my time (thank god for the Animal Planet) and the (Food Network) .  Many a night the master of my tv (my bride) gives  up in disgust and grabs her books, I grab my keyboard and bitch at you guys, both are delightful entertainment.

So if the Networks go away or are bought up and change to Fox TV I reserve the right to remove them from my Favorites List and turn to watching the Iron Chef serve raw chicken.

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  1. Jon M Barker Says:

    The commercial incidence is the worst. Even if you find something worth watching, ie: Nat. Geographic the commercials take so much of the on air time I nearly forget the subject matter presented.
    I spend lots on the sat. service I hate the commerrcials. Even HBO has gone from interesting shows to comedy that makes me ill. Some Blithering type of self made idoicy envolving “Bored” and other crap. The Boxing programing is the only thing that keeps me on them.
    The psuedo reality programing reminds me of Pro Wrestling. Ugh!!

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