Push the deficit CRYBABIES  aside and SPEND BABY SPEND . That’s the song Mike Whitney is singing , it’s his response to Obama’s freaking out on the deficit, paying way too much attention to the right wing and the Blue Dogs who are really playing their same old game.  When they are in power they spend like a drunken sailors, check out the spending by the Regan and Bush Jr’s regimes, through the roof, then when they are out of power they become deficit hawks.  The problem is us dummies buy it every time.

Instead of cutting stuff, and you know what stuff will be cut, Social Services and all stimulus bucks of all kinds.  We are not in recovery now, but it will seem like we were in one if these cuts are made.  If they are actually made the down arrows will eat themselves on their rush to the bottom.

What would I do ?  It’s  damn simple as economics should be. Put people back to work.  How ?  Tarriffs, Matey on everything coming into the country , big ones so that there is no choice but to make it here.  Peak Oil is going to do that anyway, so let’s get ahead of the game.  The next biggest item , is bring all the military home from everywhere , they accomplish nothing and they are fighting ghosts of the cold war.  The only possible enemy of the future is China and there is no amount of weapons and troops stationed out of the country that could stand up under a land war with China.  I think the Korean war proved that long ago and we still have 50,000 stationary targets stationed in Korea.  Brilliant don’t ya think.  Any combat other than a land war we can compete from the sea and air, notice I didn’t say win, because I’m not sure anybody would win in that kind of war but we could save a lot of money not sorta playing the land war game.

There are lots in the country that are talking Austrian School Economics and it looks like Obama is drinking the Kool Aid.  Von Mises, Ron Paul and all the Libertarians are talking cut , cut , cut when we should be crying spend, spend , spend.  They still argue if Roosevelt’s spending or WWII ended the Great Depression and like all stupid discussions which came first the   chicken or the egg you can honestly say in the Depression’s case both did their part.  I would much prefer this time we do it by rebuilding our manufacturing base.  It’s depressing to see them headed toward war, most likely with Iran, they seem to not understand that it will not only be with Iran, it will expand into something we can not control.  Did you notice today that they are talking about securing Pakistan’s nuclear triggers , gee I wonder why.

This story points out what we should be doing and why. You have heard it hear from me before, but more and more are talking this way.

Add to this another cheery  piece by Jim Kunstler

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