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Once again we are being led by the nose into a war that is not justified.   We have no solid information and neither does our members of congress.  Check Out what Alan Grayson says about his access to intelligence information.  Seems like our allies are calling bullshit on the data.

We flat out were lied to about WMD in Iraq and the country bought it.  Today it seems like the public has wised up since then and is holding out for evidence.  Hang in their public!





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Half of the country working for survival wages, 9 million out of work completely (and that’s just the one we count). If you use the old way to compute unemployed the number in 24% of the workforce.  The same holds true for every other number the government publishes.  Inflation at 1 or 2% , yeah sure if you only count the crap you don’t buy.  If you count what the average family buys the inflation rate is closer to 10%.

So considering that every number the government publishes why should we believe all the hollering about the deficit. The simple answer is we shouldn’t.  It really isn’t a problem at present ,by fall the deficit will be at 3.5 % pf GDP , and the historical average is 3.3%.  So deficit be damned , there is too much to fix to worry about that.  

Better to focus on bridges , roads, schools and such , putting people back to work, and turning the country around.  

ROBERT REICH says it better that I can HERE



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Yeah, Yeah I know American is the last great super power.  But is it unbeatable in conflicts like an attack on Syria.  If you been paying attention the last week or so , all you have heard is the attack on Syria and how mighty our forces are.  It is anticipated by the public that this will be a piece of cake.  Stand out and blow them away with our neat little missiles.  Not once has the defenses of Syria been mentioned.  There has been some talk of the spreading of this war to other countries, and there is a high probability of that happening.

What has not been talked about is the Syrian missile capability to take out  our ships before they can get within striking distance .  Nor do we know how many of these things they have.  We do know they have the latest Russian Sunburn missile to which there is supposedly no defense at present.  They have other older yet proficient missiles the number of which I can’t find out. 

How do we weigh the odds that Iran will enter the fray or maybe even Russia.  Both have submarines capable of using missiles to destroy our ships.  You can bet that somewhere in this fray if it happens we will see pictures of American ships headed for the bottom.  We may be the baddest ass in the valley but we are not the only deadly one.  One can only hope we don’t find out that this guess of  mine is correct.s




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Check out this graph and you can easily see why


Since 2000 Household income has declined $5000 from a high of $56K down to $50K while prices have risen for the everyday things we use at about a 10% rate per year.  During the same time things we use to get for free now cost money.  If you are a young family raising children and think you will be able to buy them the American Dream,time to get real and think again.

College for all is a myth unreachable by most.  For those that can go to college , better think carefully on your major.  Lots of hot ticket degrees now find there are no jobs in that line any longer. For evidence look at the 50%+ college grads who are living with their parents .

While in the news you hear screams form the emperors of industry that they do not have enough qualified workers.  So two things come to mind.. One if they need workers rehire the trained men they fired a short while back and retrain them for your current needs,this is not a new concept it’s how they got workers in the past (thru Unions of course).

Or they could sponsor new training centers to train new people.  They have the money laying around in banks here and abroad (tons of money)  and there are many folks out there with the brains and talent to be quickly trained to do the jobs you need.  Hell most of these young whippersnappers out there have been banging on keyboards since they  were three.  Instead of using your money on buying back your own stock or buying up other companies, or giving yourself a big fat bonus.  Invest in the country that made you big.

Do your training outside of the main school system they are as out of touch as you guys are. New schools standing outside of the system.  You can  get the public school system to teach the basics you need (maybe)  and you can focus on the trade.

We have to bring back the pride of working with your hands.  It’s rewarding , gives you self esteem, and most of all it gives the family to provide more than just the bare essentials to the masses.


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You didn’t.   The latest frenzy of price increases have been driven by large dollar investment companies and foreign buyers .  These purchases were largely cash deal and were all bought for one of two reasons.  The big American investors were buying up large blocks to turn into rentals, a lot of these were Hedge fund types looking for large returns on investment.  I knew they were in for a shock when it didn’t turn out to be as large as they thought and maintenance overhead was killing them.  The foreign types were looking for a flip type situation and are going to take it in the shorts as the prices decrease from lack of demand.

One thing to keep in mind , as long as the median wage in this country is 40K or less there can not be a huge demand on housing.   At 40K under normal banking rules can buy you a 120K house.  Till housing reaches that level there will be no large demand drives ..Prices will fall once again and probably go lower than the last lows.

Mike Whitney spells it out HERE


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We will just automate more if you get more money.  Really, do you think we will talk to one more machine or be served by a tin can.  I won’t and hope everybody else will shun those who go this route.

Nothing makes me more mad than to get to a machine when I phone a company, and these 29 layers of pushing button angers me more and more with each additional button.  More times than not the last button disconnects you and you get to start over again. 

There is one more thing that angers me even more.  Dial a number and have it answered by a dialect I can not understand, if it a tech problem I would almost rather throw the offending machine in the drink.

A prime example of the consequences of foreign dialect when I tried to upgrade my Dish receiver I got India three different operators and 3 different answers to my question.  I decided to call Direct Tv , got a person, got a straight answer and switched to Direct.

Frontier Internet has great customer service people and a pleasure to do business with.  My bank is the same. When I get a machine I look fora service that uses people.

In the case of outfits like McDonald and you understand if they paid $15/hr the price of a big mac would go up .17cents if we the consumer paid the increase.  So how could McDonald suffer , they couldn’t but if they don’t cave then we could hurt them and should.



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Have you swallowed the hype of a 100 year supply of oil and natural gas do to new fracking technology ?   It’s a giant hoax.  We will be lucky if it’s a 20 year supply.  Here are 43 pages of graphs from  the book “DRILL BABY DRILL” If you take the time to flip thought them you will see that you have been fracked.