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October 28, 2009

You have read it here before that the most important aspect of survival during the fall from Peak Oil will be an electric grid that stays hot.  Especially for all us rural folks who pump well water from as far down as 400 feet. It takes at least a 10kw power plant to do that task and without oil or gas that becomes impossible.  Solar you say, with today’s best equipment if you can pump 1 gallon a minute you’re doing good.  So a hot grid is the most important tool we will have for survival.  Obama has taken the first step by passing legislation that has up to 14 billion in funds to upgrade the grid.  I am a little disturbed that some of the money is going to so-called smart meter installations that are supposed to do a lot for minimizing electrical use.  They haven’t said so but I’m sure that means you’ll pay more for cooking your steak at dinner time, or doing your laundry at 6 pm.  Of course they are going to charge more during peak use hours and that most places includes dinner time.  I’d rather see the bucks spent on beefing up transmission and running new lines to places with solar and wind fields and of course my favourite new nuclear plant sites.  (yes your going to have them unless you like the dark)

A grid with diminishing oil, natural gas has literally no where else to turn to for grid stability.  Yeah you can do some wind (if it’s blows) and you can do solar(gets a little hard in Alaska) and doesn’t provide the answer on how to do industrial loads.(and were going to need industrial power supplies ) when we restart our manufacturing base when it’s too expensive to ship in from the rest of the world.  Yeah , I know about waste disposal , solving that problem is a hell of a lot easier than eating rotten meat (no refrigeration) no warming heat (you east coaster are in deep shits) on that one. You know the rest.  Without a grid we are dead meat, this many people cannot not survive without electricity.  Period.

We are going to need transportation.  Some say electricity won’t do the job, I don’t agree with that at all.  We will have to change the way we do things, but that will happen anyway.  The electric car can be both a user and a provider of grid power by charging at night at home and pumping to the grid during peak hours.  Without a couple hundred new nuke plants this will not be possible.  Check out the other named sources before you jump my bones on nukes.  You will get destroyed trying to argue alternate energy sources, they won’t do the job by themselves.  They will be needed but as additions to not the major source for the new grid.