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January 8, 2010

During my time in the military , the active duty part was during Nam, the leadership was not overreacting to complaints about the war.  If they had been I would have probably done a lot of brig time, because by the early seventies it was obvious this war was wrong and I made no bones about saying so while in uniform and the senior enlisted leader of a 100 man division.  I even called the Commander in Chief a liar (Nixon) which he was and proven to be a little later.  Sure the Old Man summoned me and asked if I in fact said those things and I said “Sure Did) and it’s the truth and you know it too.  He admitted that I had the right to say that and asked me to tone it down some.

Today’s army reacts a little differently , this soldier was thrown in the brig for writing and singing a rap song against the Army’s Stop Loss Policy”, on his off duty time.  They charged him with

Military service members do not completely give up their rights to free speech, particularly not when they are doing so artistically while off duty, as was the case with Hall. He is charged under Article 134 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, which covers “all disorders and neglects to the prejudice of good order and discipline” and “all conduct of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces.” The military is claiming that he “communicated a threat” with his song.

They could have waited till his unit was sent to Iraq (which he was on record that he would refuse to go) and brigged him for that , but not they over reacted to his song and jailed him for that with the above bogus charges.  I have little doubt that he will beat these charges and odds are he will be set free in some kind of deal.

I have no problem with them charging him for refusing an order and I doubt he would have objected , when you go on record to your commanding officer of your intention not to go and when he did not go jail him.  Fine , that’s how it’s supposed to work.

The only way the army can meet it’s current obligations in the field is to involuntary extend these troops so they can do another deployment to the sand.  Mind you up to 30% of these troops are suffering already from PTSD  but the army sends them anyway.  The leadership can lie, cover up killings (Tillman) , torture, issue stupid orders that if you get pregnant you can do brig time for both parties (shortly withdrawn) but in issuing it in the first place shows me how  morally lacking these leaders really are.



December 21, 2009


Major General Anthony Cucola III issused  an order in November stating that any solider or civilian under his command that gets pregnant or causes a pregnancy will be court martialed with prison time a possible outcome.  This law is only applicable to troops under his command in Northern Iraq.

Given that 3000 rapes were reported last year in the army (how many do you think there really were) makes this order way beyond illegal in my book.  Last time I looked the UCMJ was the law military people live by, I was told once by a Exec Officer who pretended to be a bad ass, that if we wanted to know what our punishment would be for an offense all we had to do was look at the UCMJ and go to maximum for our offense and we would know.  Getting pregnant wasn’t on the list.  In my day it was a sure out of the military for a women who got pregnant.  Of course there wern’t that many in those ancient times.  When we expanded the female role in the military like it or not that pregnancy happens and we didn’t pass any rules that said it was a punishable offense.  Even the Navy just transfers the lady ashore for a period to have her baby.  No bullshit about punishment.

To me it shows how desperate the Army is for warm bodies and continues to show the lack of moral leadership by the higher Command structure.  Cases like the Pat Tillman coverup (by the General now commanding in Afghanistan) to the cover up of the danger of depleted uranium, to the cover up of suicides, to the mistreatment of returning wounded, to the denial of PTSD and on and  on.  There is only one cure for this kind of failure and it exercised often in the Submarine Force,  when a Captain ((and or the crew) fucks up badly the Captain is relieved on a “LACK OF CONFIDENCE”  .  In this case I would start relieving at the Secretary of Defense level (and I could even justify the President)(HE IS THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF)  and on down the entire Chain of  Command.


November 18, 2009

Army suicides are at an all time high and the brass can’t understand why.  Now what do you think that proves.

Here are 3 Army statements on the subject 1 and 2 and 1 that says they are lying anyway on the numbers, surprise , surprise.

They are on top of it , they have let a 5 year 50,000,000 contract to find out why the troops are offing them selves.

Damn I could save them a lot of money just read the bullet points  below and you’ll know why. I have listened to and read many, many reports from the troops themselves relating life in the sand box.  Here are the reasons they say the problems are so immense.

  1. Repeated 15 month tours with a year in between rotations and 3 months of that are spent retraining.  So out of a two year period you many be home 9 months.  My longest patrol was 127 days and before that I use to say I could stay at sea till the food ran out, I was full of it.  I never experienced that kind of loneliness before in the middle of 120 other sailors putting around under the North Sea.  I can not imagine how long 15 months is and their communications are pretty limited. Some of these guys are on their 4th and 5th deployment.  No stress there for young men a lot with young wives and children.
  2. Up to half the deployed forces are Reserves, weekend warriors as we use to be referred to, longest damn weekend the reserves in these wars ever saw.  The stress and strain of combat along with the family tensions piled on top of the financial troubles the loss of pay, loss of job, loss maybe of house because they upped the payment and now you can’t afford it.  There you are in the middle of  god forsaken sand box doing exactly what you are not sure.
  3. As many as 30 % of returning soldiers suffer from mental problems, from PTSD, to brain concussions from bombs going off near or under them.  No hope of getting out anytime soon facing repeated tours to Iraq or Afghanistan to hear their leaders say we don’t have a defined mission.
  4. Watching their buddies blown up or shot by folks they were shaking hands with yesterday and knowing their turn might be tomorrow.  The stress of driving or walking the same routes day after day , getting shot at or blown up for 15 months at a time( for 550 straight days ) has to take a mental toll on you.
  5. Returning to find out you have lost your wife, your children, your house and any real reason to live , suicide might look like the only solution.
  6. To finally realize you were sent to fight the war in Iran by a pack of lies and all your leaders from the top down knew it.

8. To know you are part of a government that tortures prisoners grates on your mind even if you really do hate the guys you are fighting you know that torture is wrong and that you may be more likely to get tortured if you were to be captured.
9. Your on a battle field drenched with Depleted Uranium dust from bombs and shells that do horrible things to you and in some cases your wives and children, and your government says there is no evidence that the weapons are dangerous.

The Chain of Commands answer is a five year study, give me a break , if they are really that dumb maybe they should find a new job.  Lot of history of the incompetence of our leaders it’s time to hold them accountable.



November 9, 2009


MEANTIME LET’S SCREW THE TROOPS SOME MORE.  You can always tell when our forces are being led by idiots, when they punish the troops by cutting luxuries and distractions and some cases a septic tank that works.  There is an old Navy  saying “LIBERTY IS CANCELLED TILL MORAL IMPROVES”.  They are playing that game in spades in Afghanistan today.  The famous General McChrystal is cutting recreation facilities and luxuries because the planes need to be used for fighting materials.  attention General Dumbshit, if the troops you lead can’t get a cup of coffee , and I suppose a roll of toilet paper is a luxury, the next thing will be to cut their food allowance because eating makes you take more time in the latrine.

In 8 years of ware some these troops are deployed for 15 months on the front lines and some are on their 4 and 5 rotations , that means they have been in country for 5 years and now they aren’t entitled to a cup of coffee. The average length of time in combat in WWII was 187 days , check my math but that’s a hell of lot less time than 5 years.  It’s time to bring the troops home now.

We have been in Afghanistan for 8 years, and our mission has been to train an Afghan army to take up the fight and now they say it may take another 10 years.  To train an American infantry men takes 11 weeks of basic training and up to a year for highly specialized MOS.  Now that’s a total of 15 months , and I’m supposed to believe it can take up to 15 years to train and Afghan.  REALLY!!!!  AHHHHH,  I got it , it takes longer to teach them to trade sides every once in awhile.


November 6, 2009

In recent months we have seen the power of a single individual in congress stomp their little feet and get their way.  Olympia Snow during the health care debate forced Dirty Harry to remove most of the progressive features of the bill.  Then there was ole Senator Joe of Conn. who saw all the attention MS. Snow got and started throwing hissy fits if he didn’t get the attention he so desperately wanted.  At least these two were sort of in the news every night but:

Here’s one that you never heard about.  Senator Coburn has put a personal anonymous hold on a Veterans bill and this is not the first time.  This bill is a compromise to get around his objections to the first two bills and he’s still blocking it.  Here’s the Vets side of the story.

To hide in the closet (I’m beginning to think there a lot of republicans in the closet) (think Larry Craig) on any legislation should not be allowed . yeah I know it’s legal, but it shouldn’t be.  What ever happened to “BY AND FOR THE PEOPLE”  and in this case the republican slogan (and that’s all it ever has been) “SUPPORT THE TROOPS”  .  Sure looks like this Senator is supporting them and their dependants. All we can hope for is that Coburn never decides to support the troops , God knows what would happen.



November 5, 2009

There is one other choice, THEY MIGHT JUST BE SMARTER THAN YOU THINK.  This article claims that 75 % of 17 to 24 year olds are unfit for military service mainly for being obese.  (35%) drug use (8%), mental (10%) , too many dependants (18) , criminal records (5%).

The medically unfit mostly fall into the obese category (they use BMI numbers) to judge this , a BMI over 25 is overweight.  I’m here to tell you that the BMI measurement is a bunch of bullshit . It’s another of those false standards like a lot of other things beamed up by government, lie CPI, unemployment, Inflation, Productivity  Ok every number published by government agencies is pure crap, if you read this blog regularly you have seen the evidence.   Besides boot camp is and always has been about getting you into mental and physical shape to serve.

Mentally unqualified (10%)  .  Hell that’s not too bad , 30 % are republican and we know they are all mentally retarded, they prove it everyday.

Drugs (18%)  ,  what an easy way out, OOOOOHHHH  I Smoked pot , I’m not fit.  What bullshit!

Too many dependents (18%)  , this has always been the easy way out.

Criminals (5%) Didn’t matter much when the economy was good.

Not too very long ago they were taking old men (over 40) , criminals, mentally retarded, dope pushers and users in fact if you had a body temp of over 80 degrees you could get into the service.  Remember the stories coming out of Iraq about the ghetto gangs now now as soldiers taking over neighborhoods in Iraq.  When time were good and recruiting was in the tank any warm body would do.

The whine continues , only 12% of the kids show any interest in serving in the military and they blame the kids for that.  I would suggest a look in the mirror you will see the culprit .  For instance what do you think the likes of Colin Powell would see in that mirror look.  I know one lying son of a bitch , who lied his ass off from the beginning of his career in NAM , to his performance at the UN on Iraq and their weapons of mass destruction.

Perhaps if we fought wars that a kid could look at and say , I’m willing to give up 4 years of my life or my life period for this cause.  How many of the last 3 or 4 could you actually say you would go.  My answer is 0. Now were pushing for an increase of troops in Afghanistan , even our history poor youth know that this war cannot and will not be won.  The General say it will really take 500,000 troops to control the country and he’s asking for 40,000 US troops and the rest will be provided by our Nato allies.  I know what he sees when he looks in the mirror.  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. The mirror will shatter , it knows bullshit when it sees it.



October 27, 2009

Colin Powell lied about Mei Lai during the Vietnam war and covered up a huge massacre done by our troops. The way things work in the military that lie is probably what kicked started him up stairs to 4 star rank.  As Secretary of State he lied before the UN about Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq and knew he lied.

Now somebody is actually paying this lying sack of you know what to speak before them.  Only the right wing would believe a word he said.  How soon we all forget.