On the surface this bill does accomplish some of the concerns to the fracking operations in California.  It finally requires them to research the surrounding ground water and notify residents nearby.  They have to reveal what’s in the fracking fluids and thats a good thing.

Where they will get the water to frack with is another question.  Water from the two major sources in allocated already under long term contracts, so the only way they can find the water to frack with is ground water  or to buy up farm allocations.  If past history is contains any clues they will be willing to pay more per acre foot then they can make farming.  The most likely water purchases will probably come from the users on the lower ditch as they produce low value crops.  Just how far the drillers reach will be . The major concern regarding water use is pollution of the aquifer, and the stripping of water from producing eatable crops.

Not mentioned in the bill is the dangers of causing a big earthquake.  Arkansas has already stopped fracking in their state do to an increase in earthquakes where there had been very few in the past.  According to experts California has been quivering on the edge of another big one for years.  Fracking is like sticking a sword into a already mad giant.  Will it trigger the big one, who knows but I sure as hell don’t want to find out.

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  1. Heidi Says:

    WATER… the big issue.

    This ties in with our work on stopping the raising of Shasta Dam in Shasta County. They want to build two tunnels under the Delta capable of taking more than twice as much of the north state’s water south. The real reason for the dam raising project.

    Keep up the good work.

    • thegreytiger Says:

      They can’t take twice the water even with a bigger damn. For the water to be there to fill would happen seldom . Most of the time now they can not deliver 100% of contracted water and sometimes damn little of contract water. I doubt the addition will ever happen mostly do to lack of money. Bob

  2. RJOHNSON Says:

    Well just Frack ’em.

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