In his NY  time blog  today he has seen the light of future medical coverage.  According to him it is Medicaid.  He also says that the myth that doctors won’t accept Medicaid is not true.  Well a little quick research says differently,  70% of GP’a won’t and 64% of specialists won’t.  Yet he insists that it’s just a rumor.  I invite him to check it out in person.  In a recent search for a GP I was turned down for Medicare you can imagine what a Medicaid patient would find.   You can bet the doc you do get it not at the top of his field.


Here is the graph that he bases his claims on. The red line is projected cost of Medicaid , but of course if nobody will take it you have to call it a non insurance.


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  1. RJOHNSON Says:

    Before CHAMPUS became TRICARE “PRIME” where we had to pay needed a radiologist shortly after retirement and explained to the clerk on the desk who said they take CHAMPUS that, just like the not yet announced TRICARE program, it paid off the MEI or Medicare Economic Index asking if that was okay or should we look elsewhere. The clerk said they accept Medicare so no problem. It was for a set of x-rays for daughter. He billed $300, but CHAMPUS off the MEI allowed $100 & paid $80. I sent in $20. I got a seething note on their next bill that if I did not pay the other $200 they would send it to collection. I paid the $200 and wrote back since they accepted CHAMPUS the MD was entitled to what the MEI determined; that really got this old geezer MD spinning and asked me to come down there and settle it right now, so I went. He would not come out I guess he thought I would panic. I contacted the CHAMPUS head shed and they sent him a letter stating the most he could collect was 125% of the MEI if he did not accept CHAMPUS, but still and all since he saw a CHAMPUS covered patient that was the deal so I got a check through the mail for $175 since he kept the addl $25 and a nasty letter that he had never been questioned before and who did I think I was, so I sent copies of all correspondence to the Washington State Medical Assn as I had retired in Washington State, also sending the MD an advance copy as I was trying to do the right thing; however noting that I had just bought a copy of Proctology for Dummies and if he ever needed my services he knew where to find me.;-) He never again wrote back so except once when I an an on the job injury I used the VA in Spokane and Christy & Jennifer went to the AFB where they burped but saw them. I found in a couple of early events that the USAF was not fond of any dependents except USAF dependents, but in DC we were in the Andrews AFB Med Ctr catchment area. I am digressing, but as long as there is room on the form. Oldest son Rick came down with some type of unknown allergy so I wanted him tested there and they said no, they only tested AF dependents, so then Bethesda told us okay but it would be two weeks before we could get in so at that time I likewise contacted Walter Reed AMC and they saw him in about 48 hours, tested him, and provided the needed vaccine downtown to a Navy Clinic close to the State Dept. I wrote to SECAF with dates, times, names and everything else which happened at Andrews with copy to SECNAV, politely as possible, yet firmly telling SECAF I was not impressed with the way Navy dependents were unable to get treatment, especially testing when required so that told me they should have stayed the Army Air Corps since at least the Army (Walter Reed) was happy to see my son. Some CMSGT called me from the AF Med Ctr and wanted to play the E-9 card but I told him I was not impressed. I was a DP1 (E-6) at the time. He then ordered me to come out to his office. I told him since he was not in my chain of command his order was illegal but if he wanted to meet me in civvies at any mall parking lot in the DC area I would be right there. That wuss hung up and that was the last of that. 😉 We just used Bethesda of all routine treatment for the next year until I transferred to AS-34 in Charleston for a short yard period and then over to Rota Spain to relieve AS-33.

    • thegreytiger Says:

      AHH RICHARD, I see you are a fighter not in fear of higher authority, not many of us in this world. We need a few more. Most of my combat in on my blogs nowdays because by now I know how the system works and have little need of combat. My current doctors both are peaches and happy to take Medicare, neither will take Medicaid. Cheers, BobOn 9/22/2013 1:05 PM, THE GREY TIGER wrote: > New comment on your post “KRUGMAN IS FULL OF IT ONCE AGAIN.” > Author : RJOHNSON (IP: , > E-mail : > URL : > Whois :

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