The last time I looked into Worker Centers they were not much more than street corners where folks gathered to be picked for work for that day.  The same guys will be on the corner the next day hoping to get picked again.  These have existed probably forever.  They existed in the 50’s in Baltimore where I use to pick up day labor for our construction company.  Sometimes when you found a really good worker he would become full time.   Good for some ,not good for most.  Other than bringing them some income that day.

Now these Worker Centesr are becoming much more.  The latest Fast Food worker walk out was  organized through a group of these centers.  Exactly like the food workers and Walmart like workers to find the help they need to procure a working wage. Outfits like Walmart (they are the biggest example ) make it difficult to organize and have even shut down stores to stop them from going union.  You may be prone to defend Walmart but you cannot defend their labor practices.   Walmart has been worried over the recent decline in sales and have even hired a consultant to tell them why their shelves were not stocked very well and always were looking empty, boy could I have saved them money , they could have called me and I could  have told them , shelves cannot stock themselves.  The two Walmart’s in my area have damn few employees on the floor and have even  found a way to have their lighting perform at half light.  Like walking into a slum.

Workers cannot pull off changes in this kind of environment. They have found a way to get that help through these new Worker centers.   If they are eventually successful in getting $15/hr. Walmart and others might find what Henry Ford found out many years ago , if you pay them well they will buy.

If you are looking for answers of why the economy not being able to climb out of the hole we are in  look at this graphImage.


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  1. Heidi Says:

    Great graph. It says it all.

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