The House today is debating a bill to cut 40 billion from the SNAP program , a program to help feed the poorest of this country.They are proposing a 40 billion dollar cut out of a 74 billion dollar program.  That’s a whooping  54% cut .  The cost of 10 days of the old Iraq war.  But the bible pounding folks of the right haven’t read the part of the bible that talks of feeding the poor.  They scream of all the waste fraud and abuse in the system.  No doubt there is some like in all programs, but you can bet the majority of the program goes to those in need.  In 2010 the investigation into fraud  found 67 million dollars of fraud out of 744,000 investigations.  A drop in the bucket.  But here’s a question for your warped little mind , HOW MUCH DID THE INVESTIGATION COST?  Good luck trying to find the answer to that.


The link above dispels most of the rights grievances inside the program.   The basic eligibility is  14000 bucks a year, chump change in this society.  With a fraud rate of 3% you can bet your ass the money spent in weeding out the bad eggs is much more than is being mistakenly given out.

It’s time for all those who think they are like the right wing politically need to really rethink their position.  No I don’t thinK the big time left is much better but who says we have to vote for one of them.  The Tea Party showed us that it is possible to put together a coalition of like mined people to go to the House and change things in our favor.  All it really take as shown by the Tea Party is one rich cat with a lots of money to fund some of the loud voices out there.   Who you might ask who, for starters  Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and Representative Grayson.  Aided by the loud voices on Facebook.

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  1. Heidi Says:

    thank you for this post. People are still in denial that we are in a depression or worse. What a cruel time to be messing with the food supply for poor children. The majority of food stamp recipients are single women with small children.

    Have a heart and get a perspective congress.

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