Putin’s OP ED 

Called Obama out on that statement in his NYT piece.  The bitch of it is I agree with him.  I won’t go back into ancient history (Korea, Vietnam,Panama, Granada) I will start with the first Gulf War another war that wasn’t our job.  The war’s that really make us not exceptional started with the second Gulf War that we were lied into.  From George Bush’s own mouth and his flunky Colin Powell they laid out a completely manufactured data to start the war.  Then the fun really started, torture , murder of prisoners, detention without trial ,locked away on an island inaccessible from the outside.   The prisons inside of Iraq where all kinds of illegal actions on prisoners of war were committed time after time.  The whole chain of command knew what was happening and they did nothing.

Atrocities on the battle field happened time after time , some of it on film showing civilians gunned down from  helicopters.  Falougha, where illegal weapons were used in destroying the town.  In Afghanistan the battle field crimes are too numerous to list but none of them make me proud.

For 27 years of Navy service we were always told that the Geneva convention protected us from those kinds of things and now we are doing all the stuff that is not supposed to happen in a civilized army.  Hardly events that doesn’t make me proud.

In fact I cannot say the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag anymore, because the flag does not represent a country that I served for so long.   We may never be able to earn a place back at the honor table, memories like that don’t die easy. 

Now Putin is no puritan, god knows what criminal acts he has committed , but he is not wrong in challenging the Exceptional status of America’s foreign policy.

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  2. Rv Scheide Says:

    I posted Putin’s op-ed on Facebook, and about half the comments disregarded Putin’s writing because of Russia’s policy toward gays. I accused them of throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

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