Half of the country working for survival wages, 9 million out of work completely (and that’s just the one we count). If you use the old way to compute unemployed the number in 24% of the workforce.  The same holds true for every other number the government publishes.  Inflation at 1 or 2% , yeah sure if you only count the crap you don’t buy.  If you count what the average family buys the inflation rate is closer to 10%.

So considering that every number the government publishes why should we believe all the hollering about the deficit. The simple answer is we shouldn’t.  It really isn’t a problem at present ,by fall the deficit will be at 3.5 % pf GDP , and the historical average is 3.3%.  So deficit be damned , there is too much to fix to worry about that.  

Better to focus on bridges , roads, schools and such , putting people back to work, and turning the country around.  

ROBERT REICH says it better that I can HERE


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