Yeah, Yeah I know American is the last great super power.  But is it unbeatable in conflicts like an attack on Syria.  If you been paying attention the last week or so , all you have heard is the attack on Syria and how mighty our forces are.  It is anticipated by the public that this will be a piece of cake.  Stand out and blow them away with our neat little missiles.  Not once has the defenses of Syria been mentioned.  There has been some talk of the spreading of this war to other countries, and there is a high probability of that happening.

What has not been talked about is the Syrian missile capability to take out  our ships before they can get within striking distance .  Nor do we know how many of these things they have.  We do know they have the latest Russian Sunburn missile to which there is supposedly no defense at present.  They have other older yet proficient missiles the number of which I can’t find out. 

How do we weigh the odds that Iran will enter the fray or maybe even Russia.  Both have submarines capable of using missiles to destroy our ships.  You can bet that somewhere in this fray if it happens we will see pictures of American ships headed for the bottom.  We may be the baddest ass in the valley but we are not the only deadly one.  One can only hope we don’t find out that this guess of  mine is correct.s



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  1. Rv Scheide Says:

    Let’s hope they call the whole thing off!

  2. RJOHNSON Says:

    Amen to the article and comment; suffice to say it appears to be fiasco time once again where we will probably dink around to make whoever is President at the time feel good and forget all the conjecture and calls for a clear exit strategy before we do anything and what Iran will do if we lob a few into Syria for any reason, and just like other conflicts, wars, whatever they are or will be called either we need to go big or stay home; however if we are not going to stay home then as the Tiger Gram indicates get ready. I am not smart enough to know the answer, but either nuke ’em till they glow and shoot them in the dark and immediately counter launch on Iran if they want to put a toe into the pond without any discussion. I do not believe Putin will go after our ships however capable, but I have been wrong before, so …………………

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