Check out this graph and you can easily see why


Since 2000 Household income has declined $5000 from a high of $56K down to $50K while prices have risen for the everyday things we use at about a 10% rate per year.  During the same time things we use to get for free now cost money.  If you are a young family raising children and think you will be able to buy them the American Dream,time to get real and think again.

College for all is a myth unreachable by most.  For those that can go to college , better think carefully on your major.  Lots of hot ticket degrees now find there are no jobs in that line any longer. For evidence look at the 50%+ college grads who are living with their parents .

While in the news you hear screams form the emperors of industry that they do not have enough qualified workers.  So two things come to mind.. One if they need workers rehire the trained men they fired a short while back and retrain them for your current needs,this is not a new concept it’s how they got workers in the past (thru Unions of course).

Or they could sponsor new training centers to train new people.  They have the money laying around in banks here and abroad (tons of money)  and there are many folks out there with the brains and talent to be quickly trained to do the jobs you need.  Hell most of these young whippersnappers out there have been banging on keyboards since they  were three.  Instead of using your money on buying back your own stock or buying up other companies, or giving yourself a big fat bonus.  Invest in the country that made you big.

Do your training outside of the main school system they are as out of touch as you guys are. New schools standing outside of the system.  You can  get the public school system to teach the basics you need (maybe)  and you can focus on the trade.

We have to bring back the pride of working with your hands.  It’s rewarding , gives you self esteem, and most of all it gives the family to provide more than just the bare essentials to the masses.

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