We will just automate more if you get more money.  Really, do you think we will talk to one more machine or be served by a tin can.  I won’t and hope everybody else will shun those who go this route.

Nothing makes me more mad than to get to a machine when I phone a company, and these 29 layers of pushing button angers me more and more with each additional button.  More times than not the last button disconnects you and you get to start over again. 

There is one more thing that angers me even more.  Dial a number and have it answered by a dialect I can not understand, if it a tech problem I would almost rather throw the offending machine in the drink.

A prime example of the consequences of foreign dialect when I tried to upgrade my Dish receiver I got India three different operators and 3 different answers to my question.  I decided to call Direct Tv , got a person, got a straight answer and switched to Direct.

Frontier Internet has great customer service people and a pleasure to do business with.  My bank is the same. When I get a machine I look fora service that uses people.

In the case of outfits like McDonald and you understand if they paid $15/hr the price of a big mac would go up .17cents if we the consumer paid the increase.  So how could McDonald suffer , they couldn’t but if they don’t cave then we could hurt them and should.


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