Have you swallowed the hype of a 100 year supply of oil and natural gas do to new fracking technology ?   It’s a giant hoax.  We will be lucky if it’s a 20 year supply.  Here are 43 pages of graphs from  the book “DRILL BABY DRILL” If you take the time to flip thought them you will see that you have been fracked.

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  1. Heidi Says:

    Thanks for the article. Even I wondered if maybe the great oil peak answer could be found in ‘natural’ gas.
    The devastation to the environment, including our dwindling fresh water supply makes this a very dangerous road to tread.
    More solar, way less individual impacts.

  2. RJOHNSON Says:

    Well Frack me silly with a handy billy. 😉 No matter the source, it is always true that anything that seems too good to be true always is too good to be true. 😉

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