Here is a possible explanation of why.  Ellen Brown a favorite read of mine points out in this piece that banks are taking money they use to make loans with but instead are buying up everything in site. Power plants., roads, utilities and anything they can lay their hands on.

You may be watching the stock market shoot through the roof and wonder why, the economy sucks why are stocks still going up.  Have you considered the 85 billion a month the Fed has been handing out not to you and me but to the big banks and they are buying every asset they can lay their greedy little hands on.

You might have stared in wonder as gas prices shoot up and down while watching gasoline usage charts fall and the prices rise. It sure in hell is not ole supply and demand in action.  It’s bank and hedge funds throwing all their excess money at any thing that walks.

Of course all of this use to be illegal till they took away Glass/Stegal rules that made this kind of action illegal.  So those conservatives/libertarians out there that say no to regulation works need to rethink their position.  The last 30 years should be ample proof that they are full of it.  When the New Deal rules were in force anything goes was not the rule .  Oh sure, banks were still crooks , they have many ways to play the game.  Check the interest rate on your credit card, or the fees your banks throws at you.  Now they do all that and really throw caution and our lives to the winds.


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