The pontiff says that income inequality is bad for the world. Not all Catholics and no conservatives agree with that statement.  They accuse him of being a socialist and worse but he is right on the money on this.  With so much wealth flowing to the top 1%  and damn little flowing to the middle that if not corrected by management will be corrected by other forces. 

Every time this condition has existed in the history of the world a major happening sets it straight again for about 80 years than the conservative forces repeal the restriction that leveled the playing  field and the inequality surfaces once again ..To of course be straightened out from other sources than those in control..It’s is  a good sign that the Pope sees this and says it’s a problem that need’s fixing.

They say  he should propose fixes for the problem, when they already know what the fix is  but the fix would hurt their pocketbooks. It would be nice if the pope threw it back in their faces , to do what they know they should


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One Comment on “THE POPE GET’S IT”

  1. Rv Scheide Says:

    You know, Catholics can be pretty fucked up, but they’ve always been sincere about the charity thing. Of course, they just want you to join God’s army, but who doesn’t?

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