The above chart is almost impossible to comprehend.  How could this be true?  The bottom 80 % have only 7% of the wealth.  A disparity not seen since the Golden Age and just before the Great Depression.  

From 1940 till 1980 a middle class was built starting with the buildup of war machinery for  WW2.  Even after the war the middle class became larger and stronger and a single wage owner could support a family with most of the good things of life.   Today 4 out of 5 Americans face face desperate times.

Some of the biggest employers in the US are names we all know.  Walmart, Taco Bell, Kmart , Sears all of which are low wage employers.  $10 or less, with little of no benefits and some even tell employees how to get government help with health care, food stamps and supplemental income, which of course you and I pay for.  While CEO’s and upper management walk away with millions to stack on top of the millions they already have while their workers struggle to just get by.

Some say if we raised the minimum wage employers would hire less people, seems unlikely because if you see how most of these companies are staffed they are already understaffed.  A recent reveal from a Walmart memo indicated they were hiring an outside source to figure out why they couldn’t keep their shelves stocked.   They could have saved a lot of money by simply call me.  When I walk into any of the Walmart’s (both super stores) there are damn few employees walking the store..

If you moved minimum wages to $12.50 you would increase prices at Warlmart by  1.1 % and a $1 hamburger would go to $1.17 hardly a drain on my pocket book.

The drive to destroy the middle class started in 1980 when Ronald Regan took the chair and commenced to bust the air traffic controller union.  Just about every president since then has continued the path.  The worst offender in my book was Bill Clinton who passed Nafta ,Gatt, WTO and did away with the regulation of banks.  The deregulation of banks brought down the whole system and brought on a world wide depression (call it a recession) .

Along the way corporations with government help commenced on a program to outsource blue collar jobs and later just about any job that could be done elsewhere.  Leaving huge numbers unemployed of which a large number became unemployable.

So here we sit with large number unemployed, many working at minimum wage or slightly more.  Many professions reduced to low numbers and some just disappeared entirely. We have been abandoned by our government and our corporations to wallow in poverty with little hope at gaining middle class status. 

We spent decades directing our youth to go to college as the only way to make it.  Manufacturing disappeared and the Unions soon thereafter only to find out that the kids sit with diploma in hand and no jobs to be had. At the same time manufacturing cries they can’t find workers to run their computers or milling machines.  

We are in  a giant hole but we are still digging.  There is no one to lead us to a better life.  No Martin Luther King no one.  When you finally realize that neither party is for you but only there  to do the bidding of the lobbyists  you feel lonely and abandoned and most likely feel hopeless.

There is only one way out of this mess and it will take the participation of every worker for wages in the country to at the same time lay their hammers down , close their pocketbooks, sit on your front lawn and wait for them to come ask what it will take to get you back to work.. It wouldn’t take long,  when the haves toilets quits flushing, their engine on their yacht won’t start , or they have no power cause the operators stayed home .. It won’t take long.  A very long shot because the public seems to be pretty complacent and sit in lethargy . Sooner or later it will happen.






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One Comment on ““POOF” WENT THE DREAM!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The federal government is suing one of the Wall Steet finance companies. They are suing them under racketeering codes trying to take all the company’s assets not just the assets they could prove were insider trading.
    There is an article about it today on Bloomberg’s website. What if the government went after all the big traders and took the money they stole from us back? It really could be done 🙂
    Just a thought


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