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August 30, 2013

You didn’t.   The latest frenzy of price increases have been driven by large dollar investment companies and foreign buyers .  These purchases were largely cash deal and were all bought for one of two reasons.  The big American investors were buying up large blocks to turn into rentals, a lot of these were Hedge fund types looking for large returns on investment.  I knew they were in for a shock when it didn’t turn out to be as large as they thought and maintenance overhead was killing them.  The foreign types were looking for a flip type situation and are going to take it in the shorts as the prices decrease from lack of demand.

One thing to keep in mind , as long as the median wage in this country is 40K or less there can not be a huge demand on housing.   At 40K under normal banking rules can buy you a 120K house.  Till housing reaches that level there will be no large demand drives ..Prices will fall once again and probably go lower than the last lows.

Mike Whitney spells it out HERE



August 29, 2013

We will just automate more if you get more money.  Really, do you think we will talk to one more machine or be served by a tin can.  I won’t and hope everybody else will shun those who go this route.

Nothing makes me more mad than to get to a machine when I phone a company, and these 29 layers of pushing button angers me more and more with each additional button.  More times than not the last button disconnects you and you get to start over again. 

There is one more thing that angers me even more.  Dial a number and have it answered by a dialect I can not understand, if it a tech problem I would almost rather throw the offending machine in the drink.

A prime example of the consequences of foreign dialect when I tried to upgrade my Dish receiver I got India three different operators and 3 different answers to my question.  I decided to call Direct Tv , got a person, got a straight answer and switched to Direct.

Frontier Internet has great customer service people and a pleasure to do business with.  My bank is the same. When I get a machine I look fora service that uses people.

In the case of outfits like McDonald and you understand if they paid $15/hr the price of a big mac would go up .17cents if we the consumer paid the increase.  So how could McDonald suffer , they couldn’t but if they don’t cave then we could hurt them and should.



August 28, 2013

Have you swallowed the hype of a 100 year supply of oil and natural gas do to new fracking technology ?   It’s a giant hoax.  We will be lucky if it’s a 20 year supply.  Here are 43 pages of graphs from  the book “DRILL BABY DRILL” If you take the time to flip thought them you will see that you have been fracked.


August 28, 2013

Fast food workers are going to stage another strike for a $15/hr wage.   Not much to ask in this age of low wages for everybody.  It would add .17 cents to your hamburger if the company passed the whole increase to you.

It would be nice if the Walmart and other chain  workers walked with them.   Who ever goes on strike honor that strike patronize your local establishment that day. It won’t kill you


August 28, 2013

(AJAM)   Aljazerra  America appears to be a straight news outlet.  No propaganda straight news and opinions .  The difference instead of little 3 minute hacks on a story you might get a 30 minute in depth story.   One of the first interviews they did was with Cornell West a 30 minute interview an event seldom seen of Network or Cable news. 

In depth reporting on events something we have not had for awhile.   Check it our you  may be surprised.



August 27, 2013

Here is a possible explanation of why.  Ellen Brown a favorite read of mine points out in this piece that banks are taking money they use to make loans with but instead are buying up everything in site. Power plants., roads, utilities and anything they can lay their hands on.

You may be watching the stock market shoot through the roof and wonder why, the economy sucks why are stocks still going up.  Have you considered the 85 billion a month the Fed has been handing out not to you and me but to the big banks and they are buying every asset they can lay their greedy little hands on.

You might have stared in wonder as gas prices shoot up and down while watching gasoline usage charts fall and the prices rise. It sure in hell is not ole supply and demand in action.  It’s bank and hedge funds throwing all their excess money at any thing that walks.

Of course all of this use to be illegal till they took away Glass/Stegal rules that made this kind of action illegal.  So those conservatives/libertarians out there that say no to regulation works need to rethink their position.  The last 30 years should be ample proof that they are full of it.  When the New Deal rules were in force anything goes was not the rule .  Oh sure, banks were still crooks , they have many ways to play the game.  Check the interest rate on your credit card, or the fees your banks throws at you.  Now they do all that and really throw caution and our lives to the winds.



August 25, 2013

In a new book SNAKE OIL Richard Heinberg shows with exhaustive information to tell the story of The Fracted gas and oil pipe-dreams being sold like the old SNAKE OIL SALESMEN OF OLD SOLD MEDICATIONS.   A dream at least as phony as the snake oil was. Production from the sweet pots is profitable but out of productivity in a 3 year average.  To hold up production numbers new wells have to be sunk at a new well every three years to hold up the numbers.


If  you want to study the info on your own you can buy it here. cheap if you have a Kindle

Wikipedia on Richard Heinberg

A hobby of mine over the last few years has been to study the Peak Oil story and ran across Heinberg in the research.   An early peak oil dude who always showed his knowledge of the facts by logically presenting his arguments with lots of graphs and data listing links you could investigate on your own.  Which I of course have done.  He was right on peak oil and I do believe he is right here.

Lots of evidence out there that might make the average guy hesitant to call BULLSHIT in the Fracted gas and oil surge pushed lately as the source for the next 100 years but is exactly my stand.  The existing evidence out there shows plainly that the 100 year stand is a myth.

well depletion graph

This graph is from actual production wells and you can plainly see that about two years after production wells output is reduced by at least 80% and 94% after 3 years.  These graphs are from the biggest gas fields yet discovered and of course these were the sweet spot wells in these fields.

I believe that THE FRACKING DREAM, is just that a dream.  That is causing plants coal and nuclear to shut down or leave the planning stage.  The fact that renewables known  today cannot supply peak load requirements give us very few supply sources for peak load requirements.  It won’t be coal , and it won’t be gas for long, that leaves one choice that makes most Americans quake in their boots, yep Nuclear is the only present day answer.