The appointed Detroit city manager has carried out his plan to bust unions..  He has terminated the contract for fire fighters, police, 911 dispatchers, and all city workers as of July 6th.  The unions are sitting on their hands and doing nothing.  If there was ever a reason to strike this is it.  The unions aren’t calling for one yet, but either they will or the members will just walk out.  This  manager dude could be brought to his knees damn quickly with a little unified action.  If they just roll and take it spells instant trouble for every  one of us. 

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3 Comments on “SO THERFORE WHAT?”

  1. Rv Scheide Says:

    This is unbelievable. They’ll stop at nothing.

  2. RJOHNSON Says:

    When I first retired until I got some issues settled with the VA and then went back to school on the GI Bill I took a Union job and the basic benefits were fine, but they were a bunch of milk toasts when it came to going up against the company. I was not impressed.

    • thegreytiger Says:

      I don’t disagree Richard, I was in an out of the IBEW like a yoyo . Even was shop steward for awhile but violent disagreement with the union rep made me very bad in that job. But without them wages would have beena lot less. Today’s unions are casper milk toasts they are just rolling over to have their bellies scratched. Cheers, Bob

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