Money is, but chalk isn’t. 

It’s hard to watch as our rights drift away they want to go after a person or group.  Now a  man is facing 13 years in jail for writing against B of A on the sidewalk in front of 3 of them. The banks (crooked and guilty of felonies) skate free.   Unions busted , pensions  stolen, health  coverage ripped away all because the courts said they could.  So far not enough people are angry to do something about this stripping of rights.  Boy am I glad I don’t write this blog in chalk.

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3 Comments on “CHALK ISN’T SPEECH”

  1. Rv Scheide Says:

    B of A is one of the most disgusting big banks out there, and that’s a long list. We should organize a bunch of people with chalk and hit as many B of A’s as we can. Can I say that?

  2. RJOHNSON Says:

    Way back when, before there were VISA credit cards they were for the most part called BANKAMERICARD. I put the last 11K of my reenlistment bonus in a B of A and wanted a card; they said I had insufficient credit with just a Sears and a Gas card so I said how about locking up 1K for collateral and issuing a card with a 1K limit. They were so stupid, they said no, so I pulled my 11K out and put it elsewhere; they were not happy. They acted like stupid picked on brats 43 years ago when this happened and have not matured at all since.

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