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June 29, 2013

The appointed Detroit city manager has carried out his plan to bust unions..  He has terminated the contract for fire fighters, police, 911 dispatchers, and all city workers as of July 6th.  The unions are sitting on their hands and doing nothing.  If there was ever a reason to strike this is it.  The unions aren’t calling for one yet, but either they will or the members will just walk out.  This  manager dude could be brought to his knees damn quickly with a little unified action.  If they just roll and take it spells instant trouble for every  one of us. 



June 28, 2013

Money is, but chalk isn’t. 

It’s hard to watch as our rights drift away they want to go after a person or group.  Now a  man is facing 13 years in jail for writing against B of A on the sidewalk in front of 3 of them. The banks (crooked and guilty of felonies) skate free.   Unions busted , pensions  stolen, health  coverage ripped away all because the courts said they could.  So far not enough people are angry to do something about this stripping of rights.  Boy am I glad I don’t write this blog in chalk.


June 23, 2013


A heart wrenching piece by a soldier preparing  to check out , with no way left to him but this.  It will enable you to understand  more thoroughly what PTSD is all about .  Lord knows what this soldier saw or did in the field but it eventually made him pay the ultimate price.  Please read it it will tear your guts out but  you need to understand what this is all about.