I have mentioned in the past that it appeared that unions were backing up the companies and cities against the workers who are facing huge cuts in salaries an benefits.  The newly appointed city manager has issued his first decree that supposedly cannot be legally challenged , it just is the way it is going to be..

For the unions to back management is difficult to understand ..  What will they gain by their action ?  Hard to see the union guy that would still be willing to pay dues to them when they backed the other side.  So how does the union stand to benefit??  Beats me!

This article in the WSNS points out the cuts to be enforced.. Note that along with the wage cuts city services are being sold off to private companies who can charge whatever they want for their services.

This all smells like the same deal the IMF brought to Latin America in the 80’s.  A sure path to the destruction of he nation .  We stand here all alone and we will be eaten alive bit by bit.




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