Where has all the real news gone.  Junk sheets like the Huffington Post throw out pablum to the masses.  Radio and TV scream the same sensational story for days on end without ever checking the truth of the lead they were handled.  The reporting on wars, economics, climate change gives us lots of pap that they pass off as news.  A little research proves they are full of shit.

Paul Craig Roberts puts forth a suggestion of what might be the cause of this liteweight junk we are deal..He has in recent years turned from being in a republican regime to become unwelcome in most political houses and media outlets.  Could he be right?  Quite possibly he is.

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One Comment on “I’VE BEEN ASKING”

  1. Rv Scheide Says:

    I got a little too close to the 9/11 story once, and was severely chastised. PCR is right. Journalism isn’t about seeking truth. It’s about serving agendas.

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