In this article by Matt Tabbi

He highlights just how deep the corruption goes in this banking scandal.  Bankers lie. cheat and steal, government agencies look but see no wrong, special investigators investigate and then refuse to report their findings.  The FED pumps money every month into the bank coffers and they play the markets running up prices of everything to you and me.  The Attorneys General sees no wrong and prosecutes nobody.

Millions of home owners who were fraudulently thrown out of their homes may get a whopping $300 but will get none of the information collected to use against said crooks.. Now the vulture capitalists are buying up in 1000 unit blocks houses the banks stole.  Hoping to run up prices and make a killing.  It’s so bad in some of the cities who took the biggest hits price wise that there are few houses available to the average family looking for a new home to live in.  Places like Sacramento and San Francisco that we are back to playing the old game of who can outbid who.. running prices to obscene levels.

So as I look back over the last 33 years  in search of an honest person not many can be found.  Presidents who adopted economic policy designed to destroy the middle class.  From Regan to Obama the working man has not had one friend sitting in the highest chair of the land. Congressman being bought and sold like cattle, CEO’s raking in billions while shipping jobs and entire factories overseas .  50000 factories have disappeared from our land, 8 million blue collar jobs gone.  A majority of new work is in the $10 range driving the average household income down to 50K for family income (2 workers) .  Supreme Court decisions that boggle the mind, corporations are people the one that stands out in my mind , but their were a lot more.  Installing city managers who’s main function is to further destroy the working man by cutting his wages , benefits and retirement.

What will be left when they run their course , you might claim not to have a clue.  So I’ll give you one.  Look at almost all of South America in the 80’s and you will see the end results.. You might take note how the common folk resolved their troubles.

Are you depressed yet.  Well cheer up, also in Matt’s piece my Heroine (Elizabet Warren)is highlighted given the investigators and bankers holy hell.   She has some strong associates.  Bernie Sanders (another of my hero’s) and don’t discount Alan Grayson in the House.  There may be a few more and add them if you have nominees of your own.


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  1. Rv Scheide Says:

    Sad, very sad. Meanwhile, Sacramento is cheering the housing “recovery.”

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