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May 31, 2013

When you suddenly wake up and scram into the night “IT AIN’T MY FAULT” and you would be absolutely right.  I have attempted many times before on my blogs that your desperate straights were brought on my forces you had no way to control.   No matter how many charts I throw up  , how complex my argument , it boils down to one simple fact.


Our median income today is around 46K and if wages had kept up with growth it would be 90K.   Of course had that actually happened the desperate straights we are supposedly in would not exist.

So where did all the money go?    It was made the growth  graph says it was but the middle didn’t get any of it.. It didn’t disappear so?  Of course it went to the top 1% .  Who already had all they could use, but they wanted more and got it.

Driving the common man  to desperate straights..  They sold us all the bullshit that pushed us into trouble.. They through crooked banking escalated  housing prices  to unseen and unmaintainable heights.. Then encouraged the masses to spend the increase in their house on things.. It was fun I guess to run out an buy that Mercedes or big boat or perhaps a second house… and then Kaboom the shit hit the fan.. This disease had spread world wide and crashed all together… It ain’t over yet.. Smaller games are played on the sidelines building little bubbles here and there driving up prices of stuff we need every day,  gas, food, clothes etc.

Now there theme song is WE HAVE TO LEARN TO LIVE WITHIN OUR MEANS”  The means they built for us will not support a growing family , they won’t even support old folks on limited income… There is absolutely no way a family can logically think about  a decent education for their kids, they are lucky if they can feed and house them and get them some kind of medical care..

Retirement isn’t a word in their working vocabulary.  A view of life in the future probably looks like more of the same.. Maybe they can get use to it but not many of us can remember times like those that existed in the Great Depression.. It won’t be fun.

But we pulled out of the GD eventually by a combination of progressive programs and a big war.. We will come out of this one , the method is yet to be determined .  The power has to be yanked from the hands of the rich and corporations  and returned to people who are for the people.. I have told you how to do this before. Not real well received by all, but it is the only way I can see to bring them down..







May 20, 2013

I have mentioned in the past that it appeared that unions were backing up the companies and cities against the workers who are facing huge cuts in salaries an benefits.  The newly appointed city manager has issued his first decree that supposedly cannot be legally challenged , it just is the way it is going to be..

For the unions to back management is difficult to understand ..  What will they gain by their action ?  Hard to see the union guy that would still be willing to pay dues to them when they backed the other side.  So how does the union stand to benefit??  Beats me!

This article in the WSNS points out the cuts to be enforced.. Note that along with the wage cuts city services are being sold off to private companies who can charge whatever they want for their services.

This all smells like the same deal the IMF brought to Latin America in the 80’s.  A sure path to the destruction of he nation .  We stand here all alone and we will be eaten alive bit by bit.





May 5, 2013

Today Howard Kurtz on his Sunday show Reliable Sources did a huge Mey culpa on his remarks about Jason Collins when he announced his coming out.  The supposed apologytook almost 20 minutes and seemed a little strange so of course I looked further into the story.  What I found shocked me.  

Kurtz has a reputation of dissing fellow reporters and in some cases even has led to their suicides.   Among the only accurate reports of the Iran Contra affair Kurtz destroyed the reporter.   Same thing over Bush stealing the first election.  He poo pood journalists who focused on the truth instead of the part line.   The icing on the cake when I read about his treatment of Helen Thomas mostly about her caustic remarks about Israel’s work against the Palestine.  Kurtz not only lost a few editor jobs but has now lost two more regular watchers of his Sunday Show.  


May 5, 2013

The group of 20 top scientists studied  the evidence and weighed it against the official report.  As  you have probably already on your won the the official version is a fairy tale this study provides their evidence and the official story and the conclusion the panel came to as the accuracy of the official report.

The panels report is here. 

The first link tells how the points were reached and together gives you good footing to form your own opinion.

A lot of their findings are the same as I figured on my own without the ton of evidence these guys had.. My finding were based what I personally knew about some government operations.. Feels pretty nice to be vindicated even at this late date.





May 3, 2013

To listen to MSM you would probably think there is a boom going on at least in some markets.  HOUSE PRICES RISE 9% LAST MONTH.  Encouraging you to jump into the market before it’s too late.  Please don’t take the bait.  They will return to the downturn in a short while and will probably break their previous lows.   Mike Whitney lays it all out for you in this piece.


May 2, 2013

Where has all the real news gone.  Junk sheets like the Huffington Post throw out pablum to the masses.  Radio and TV scream the same sensational story for days on end without ever checking the truth of the lead they were handled.  The reporting on wars, economics, climate change gives us lots of pap that they pass off as news.  A little research proves they are full of shit.

Paul Craig Roberts puts forth a suggestion of what might be the cause of this liteweight junk we are deal..He has in recent years turned from being in a republican regime to become unwelcome in most political houses and media outlets.  Could he be right?  Quite possibly he is.


May 2, 2013

In this article by Matt Tabbi

He highlights just how deep the corruption goes in this banking scandal.  Bankers lie. cheat and steal, government agencies look but see no wrong, special investigators investigate and then refuse to report their findings.  The FED pumps money every month into the bank coffers and they play the markets running up prices of everything to you and me.  The Attorneys General sees no wrong and prosecutes nobody.

Millions of home owners who were fraudulently thrown out of their homes may get a whopping $300 but will get none of the information collected to use against said crooks.. Now the vulture capitalists are buying up in 1000 unit blocks houses the banks stole.  Hoping to run up prices and make a killing.  It’s so bad in some of the cities who took the biggest hits price wise that there are few houses available to the average family looking for a new home to live in.  Places like Sacramento and San Francisco that we are back to playing the old game of who can outbid who.. running prices to obscene levels.

So as I look back over the last 33 years  in search of an honest person not many can be found.  Presidents who adopted economic policy designed to destroy the middle class.  From Regan to Obama the working man has not had one friend sitting in the highest chair of the land. Congressman being bought and sold like cattle, CEO’s raking in billions while shipping jobs and entire factories overseas .  50000 factories have disappeared from our land, 8 million blue collar jobs gone.  A majority of new work is in the $10 range driving the average household income down to 50K for family income (2 workers) .  Supreme Court decisions that boggle the mind, corporations are people the one that stands out in my mind , but their were a lot more.  Installing city managers who’s main function is to further destroy the working man by cutting his wages , benefits and retirement.

What will be left when they run their course , you might claim not to have a clue.  So I’ll give you one.  Look at almost all of South America in the 80’s and you will see the end results.. You might take note how the common folk resolved their troubles.

Are you depressed yet.  Well cheer up, also in Matt’s piece my Heroine (Elizabet Warren)is highlighted given the investigators and bankers holy hell.   She has some strong associates.  Bernie Sanders (another of my hero’s) and don’t discount Alan Grayson in the House.  There may be a few more and add them if you have nominees of your own.