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Israeli’s Demonstrate Against Attack on Ships While Our Politician’s Suck Ass

June 14, 2010

What Democracy? Neither here or in Israel if freedom of the press has anything to do with it. After the attack on the relief ships headed to Gaza not one friggen word was heard in the US or in Israel about Israeli’s demonstrating against the attack. Not one word. I’ve blasted the attack on the Tiger blog and lots of others have joined in with calling it what it was “A cruel and brutal attack on the high seas”

But not our government , from the president on down they stand up there and kiss APAIC’S ASS (oh yeah I forgot it’s and election year)so we probably should have expected the usual from that bunch of slime balls.

But Jesus H. Christ not a peep out of our Media telling the truth about this attack. Oh there was some token mention of the illegality of this attack on MSNBC but not much anywhere else. If I hear one more time “Israel has the right to defend it’s borders” I’ll scream till your ear drums burst.

It’s always the same with their government. I wish they would just come out and say “We can do anything we God damn well please because of who we are” Better hope Japan never gets the same idea “We can nuke the US because they nuked us” same thinking same murderous idea. They did it to us so we can do it to them. Great way for the world to live.

So I must give credit where credit is due. Demonstrations against the flotilla attack were never seen in this country but they happened none the less and here’s the evidence.

This was not seen in Israel or in the US so unless you Google foreign news you probably haven’t seen this either.
I knew it was wrong , but I wish I had searched out video of it before now. Looks like a big demo to me…Bless Em!!