Never mind we are still in depression times and there are no jobs.  The crazy talk about recovery are simply not backed up by any facts that   are not just pimples on a giant’s butt.  Big news today is WOW we lost 40,000 less jobs than expected and that’s the best they can do.  We have added some jobs in the auto industry and that’s encouraging but the trend to outsource is still underway and companies like Google for instance say they need to hire foreign workers because their are not the qualified workers they need in this country even though their are close to 9 million unemployed citizens already here.  I am beginning to wonder if someone left “TRAINING PROGRAMS” out of the CEO vocabulary .

So let’s cut the federal budget and where’s the first place they look?  Why of course the Social Programs are the first target.  There was talk for awhile that billionaire Pete Peterson was to head up a Presidential commission  to reform Social Security into a private pension fund , that seems to have been shelved for now.  The original plan was to have a commission like the Base Closing commission that would send a plan to congress for an up or down no change vote.  Thanks to a Democratic leadership revolt that plan is shelved.  Now their will be a commission that will simply issue a report for Congress to consider.  Before moving on let’s be clear the fix for SS is simple,  remove the wage limit and go to a simple if you receive it you pay SS tax on it.  I would also include a smaller tax on dividends and capital gains for all income of those under SS retirement age.

So where do we cut.  The federal budget is dished out like this pie chart shows Where would you start if this was your household budget.  Of course you would go to the biggest expense and see where you could tweak it to reduce the load.  In this case it’s the Defense Budget that stands out clearly as the target.  Now before you get your panties in a bunch and get all revved up about me being weak on National Defense look at the numbers .  Well over a third is defense.  This chart counts military retirement as part of the total and of course that’s untouchable in my mind.  So let’s consider the 1000 bases we have scattered throughout the world. .  First be clear , there are many bases that do not appear on the Pentagon list, like a billion dollar base in Qatar.  You can immediately question the need for base in Japan, Germany, Korea and many other cold war outposts.  Then flip over to the 700 plus bases built in Iraq and the goal of 700 more in Afghanistan.   There is enough pork in contractor monies in building and support of these bases to take care of a huge chunk of the budget.  Much, much more money than is available in all other programs that can be touched.  Pie in the sky programs like the old Star Wars missile defense system , or the F22 fighter program exist today and should be ferreted out and canned.

Before we go destroying the basic support systems for the senior and less fortunate of the country let’s go in and cut the hell out of these  huge wasteful parts of the defense budget.

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  1. Larry J Says:

    What? Are you crazy? How can we “Keep America Safe” if we leave Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Well, why not let their governments make their armys the US has been “training” for the last 4 to 5 years take over their defense . Geeze, it only takes 6 to 12 months to prepare our troops to leave the US to fight their battles, so theirs must be ready by now.
    Hmmm, if we want to “Keep America Safe”, wouldn’t it make more sense to have our National Guard, reserve and regular troops back in the US??

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