This Rasmussen Poll (yeah I know you don’t trust polls) however the spread on this one is so wide even if it’s not very accurate is scary at worst and a death rattle if accurate.

According to this poll only 11% of Americans believe that the government should spend and increase the deficit during tough economic times.

Question #1:     Which would be better for the economy cutting deficits, or increasing deficit spending?

70% say cutting the deficit

11% say increase spending,

19% wouldn’t know if it hit em in the head.

You can see all three questions in the poll by clicking here

Anybody with more than a wart on their shoulders knows that the only way out of this mess is to create jobs.  Without government leadership and money this will not happen. Paul Craig Roberts (after conversion) lays it out for you here and it is plain the government and corporations acting in tandem have destroyed the American Labor Force , with their , treaties, tax breaks,  and corporate greed sending our jobs overseas.  They sold this crap to us with a MSM solidly in their pockets and full of outright lies.  Pie chart is breakdown of 2009 budget.

Now I’m betting that 90% of those that say cutting the deficits is the favorable way to boost the economy can’t site you the %’s or the numbers from this budget or chart.  They prove that in poll after poll by showing how very little they know about what’s going on.  Since we have so little to say about how any of this is done it may be best for your mental health to just say “TO HELL WITH IT” Before we give up let’s apply a little Checkbook economics to the problem.  If your household was in trouble and you have set down with your Quicken program and printed out your expenditures for the year , what numbers would you look at first.  Of course you go the biggest outlay first (and fixed costs like mortgage’s are not changeable) so you go to the largest item that you can make changes in life style to lower.  Simple ole houshold common sense.

Gee do you think you could find a few cuts in the 1.4 trillion dollar military budget which is  (54%) of the total budget.  Only 34% of the budget can be cut  as the veterans part is already strapped for funds in most departments.  But from the President down the military budget, social security , Medicare and Medicaid and the military will not be cut.  So what’s left chicken feed that if we cut it all would have no effect on the current crisis.  Yet 70% of the citizens think budget cutting is the big ticket item.  In this case the politicians will most likely hear the people, they will cut whatever they can reach.  You can bet Social Security , Medicare, Medicaid and education will be under fire.  Forming panels on things like Social Security whose recommendations  will get  a straight up or down vote are a danger to every citizens counting on SS for part of their retirement.

Damn people, you gotta go a little deeper then the evening news.

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