Most Teabaggers are aware they have an image problem.  Created by themselves from the very start.  When one hears the term “Teabagger” one doesn’t think of a political movement, it’s a picture of a sex act only some find an ok thing.

So if I were them I would change the movements name to “The Tea Leafs” .  A totally different vision occurs when you hear “The Teal Leaf” movement is organizing a bus trip (or whatever).   The visual image could be of an intent person attempting to real the leafs in the bottom of a tea cup.  I’m sure you can hire a Gyspy consultant to teach you the fine art of Tea Leaf reading.

Among the questions you might look for answers for in the leafs might be.  Why in the hell are we backing Republicans they are for things that are against us Joe Sixpack types.  Why do we fall for the GGAG platform every election cycle (God, Gays,Abortion, Guns) and after 30 years of falling for the line we are still frothing at the mouth over the same lines.   Why do we claim to be deficit hawks , when the party we back  plays the Two Santa Clause Game, when they are in power they spend like Drunken Sailors (sorry sailors) on military and tax cuts,  and when they are out of power they scream cut the deficit, and of course it’s always the Social Network they want to cut.  There is a lot to be gained by the Teabaggers with a little name change,  DON’T YA THINK?

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One Comment on “TEABAGGER ALERT!”

  1. Larry J Says:

    Why not the name Mad Hatters?
    They seem to love following Hannity Insanity, Rush Limpballs, O’Really?, Pat Phucanan and the rest.

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