Don’t tell them there are 50 states, or OH GOD their going to throw two states out of the Union. During a celebration party of Brown’s victory in MASS.   A new flag surfaces proclaiming Revolution II.  A new idea surfaces too.  Split the states up 24 for the Democrats and 24 for the conservatives (including the Ron Paul and libertarian folks) along with some razzle dazzle about California and New York being split in half and the halfs can choose .

Pretty interesting to me because I have always felt these folk act like Spoiled Brats.  They stomp their feet , hold their breath till blue, cry, scream, wave flags  and then they secede  from the union.  It brings some very evil things into a corrupt mind such as mine.  Just thinking of the things you could do

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One Comment on “SSSSHHHHHHH!”

  1. Larry J Says:

    Evidently Sarah could see Russia from her porch, but evidently the repubs can’t see or haven’t been to Alaska or Hawaii.

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