Mike Whitney gets it right once again.  Whatever chance we have of pulling out of this downturn is probably on the way to ruin as the politicians start whining about the deficits and start talking about cutting the budget.  Now you know they won’t cut defense and the only other place to cut significant amounts are the social programs.  The Presidents economic team (and the President too) are trying to pull off once again a game plan the conservatives have had in place since 1936.

They hate Social Security and Medicare , Medicaid and have been trying the death of a thousand cuts for years, now they think they have a chance to just rip the hearts out of these programs once and for all.

All politicians but especially Democrats are scared to death that this cut the deficit Tea Party crowd will throw them out of office.  I truly hope we don’t fall for the scheme and put the republicans back in power.   Truth of the matter is neither side are on our side.  The only answer is to find more polls like Sanders, Kucinich and put enough of them in to form a block big enough to control the vote.

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