Linked are two posts on the problems of sustainability.  1. The OIL Drums outline of a Sustainability lecture.  Thee is a link to the presentation in itunes that I haven’t seen yet but it’s the easy way out of all the reading involved here.   2.   Population Growth and Rising Consumption At the bottom of this web page are links to presentations  on the topics so if you’ve a mind too and have lots of time to kill take a look . Pretty interesting stuff.

Basically pretty depressing stuff but mainly depending on how you think mankind will respond to the challenge.  Not very well is my opinion .  Pick a topic birth control, the right will freak out at the suggestion, funding and education for the poor will be hard to get so both these groups will continue to grow.  Power shortages, OH Yeah we”ll green our way out of the problem.  BULLSHIT, you need nukes and you better start building them fast.  Everybody but the US is on a crash program to build nukes, they know the dangers of the plants themselves is diminished by the effects of no Grid.  Manufacturing, we better get some and quick, the import craze is about to come to an end.  Food, no more apples in February , back to seasonal stuff grown right here because it will be impossible to ship food from foreign countries.  Stock BUY HORSES AND MANURE SPREADERS. A GROWTH ITEM IN THE NEW ECONOMY.

I know, I know, all I ever talk about is stuff that freaks you out.  Better to be freaked out now by the Tiger than to be totally unprepared for the future.  So read on or ignore this stuff, stock up of plastic bags and duck tape (the only sure method of suicide.  )  For me I will be as prepared as possible, I know what’s coming , and I intend to not be afraid , but prepared.

Meantime , all you right wing freaks, pound your bibles, go see your mistress, hit your golf balls, watch Beck O’Reliley, Hannity , listen to Limbaugh and the other hate mongers.  Ignore fools like me, don’t prepare all will be well.  By all means don’t prepare , we could do very well without you..  Just remember in the next civilization you’ll have to get your hands dirty.

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