Martin  Weiss call for a crash in the medium and long term bond markets in early 2010 due to rising interest rates.  As readers of this blog know we have talked about the effects of rising interest rates.  The bond market won’t be the only thing that crashes.  I use to watch Marty as a guest on the Old Wall Street Week eons ago and generally he gives good advice.  But for hell’s sake don’t follow his to  buy futures ,  there is no faster way to get your clock cleaned than to buy futures.  With Hedge Funds, and the Banksters playing this market you can get wiped out overnight.  They can have one little conference call and the next morning your broke.  If you have to invest buy physical gold, the ride will be wild, but as one on my guru’s said, and ounce of gold will always be an ounce of gold (unless of course it’s laced with tungsten.  Depending on your bent , maybe chocolate or whiskey would be a better play.

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  1. Jon M Barker Says:

    GLD – Never buy Gold and pay the 30% markup from dealers. ETF has gone up $20 a share since Sept 09. If Mr Doom & Gloom is correct about inflation the price rise will approach 200% in the next two years!
    Noww $111 a share will be $350 a share in 2013.

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