I am re reading Jim Kunstler’s “The Long Emergency” . Today I came across something I have been thinking about for awhile and finally took the time to get some numbers.  In 1915 there were about 100 million people in the Us and 21 million horses.  Today there are about 300 million people and if you believe in the end of oil and the return to early 1900 farming you would need 63 million horses.  Earlier Kunstler mentions that around 1915 horse manure was becoming a huge problem.

So the question is if we get to that point what on earth will we do with all that horse manure??

A couple of other interesting things run across today.

GMO crops as I have mentioned before on how I felt about them and that the GMO programs were really just a way for the big corps to lock up the seed market by convincing farmers to use  them and to stop using their open pollinated seeds that they have used as far back as one can see.  The problem is that these new seeds once they hook them on them the price of course goes up.  These seed require huge amounts of fertilizer and water both of which are getting scarce and expensive. The problem has gotten so bad in India that estimates run as high as 200,000 farmers have committed suicide .  The number is hard to verify but here is a short story that explains what is happening.

Now this jaw dropper.  3  GMO seeds cause organ damage.  Not really a surprise to me as I have taken note of this seeds devastation of bees, butterfly’s and humming birds to name a few.  Reports of streams where all lower forms of life have disappeared.  What is the real effect of GMO’s on the environment is a fierce debate and were stuck with stories from people we already don’t trust.

The know facts are pretty clear,  the increase in production (and some think this is not even true) but it’s a bad argument because in a world of diminishing oil the fertilizers necessary to grow these crops will be so expensive that the farmers will go broke.

Studies have shown that the Amish crop production is as high or higher that corporate farm production.   Now were back to the original question”  What are we going to do with all that horse poop”?

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  1. Jon M Barker Says:

    Did you include. in your estimates the daily output of Horse do do from The Congress and senate??????1

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