Here’s our state of affairs , but it doesn’t make any difference were still going to send 30 billion bucks  in Israeli aid over the next ten years.  Meanwhile back here in the states were talking of cutting pensions, Social Security, Medicare, education funds, pinching penny’s in internal defense systems, padding bankers pockets, dealing under the table to the working stiffs.  BUT NEVER FEAR WE WILL STILL SEND MONEY TO THE SECOND BIGGEST BUNCH OF BAD ASSES ON THE PLANET.

I might mention that we are spending at best estimates 1 TRILLION DOLLARS  a year on the military.  That’s almost a third of the whole budget.  Not a peep is heard when double digit increase in defense spending are put on the table but they all froth at the mouth about cutting social services.  There is something terribly wrong with this picture!!

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One Comment on “WERE BUSTED”

  1. Larry J Says:

    I would be in favor of giving Israel the money, if they used it for something other than anti-religious neighbor fighting.
    Like sending them in to take care of some of the bad-asses, we can’t seem to get.

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