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January 29, 2010

Most Teabaggers are aware they have an image problem.  Created by themselves from the very start.  When one hears the term “Teabagger” one doesn’t think of a political movement, it’s a picture of a sex act only some find an ok thing.

So if I were them I would change the movements name to “The Tea Leafs” .  A totally different vision occurs when you hear “The Teal Leaf” movement is organizing a bus trip (or whatever).   The visual image could be of an intent person attempting to real the leafs in the bottom of a tea cup.  I’m sure you can hire a Gyspy consultant to teach you the fine art of Tea Leaf reading.

Among the questions you might look for answers for in the leafs might be.  Why in the hell are we backing Republicans they are for things that are against us Joe Sixpack types.  Why do we fall for the GGAG platform every election cycle (God, Gays,Abortion, Guns) and after 30 years of falling for the line we are still frothing at the mouth over the same lines.   Why do we claim to be deficit hawks , when the party we back  plays the Two Santa Clause Game, when they are in power they spend like Drunken Sailors (sorry sailors) on military and tax cuts,  and when they are out of power they scream cut the deficit, and of course it’s always the Social Network they want to cut.  There is a lot to be gained by the Teabaggers with a little name change,  DON’T YA THINK?



January 29, 2010

Every once in awhile one of your friends runs across a blog  you wish you had written.  This is one of those times. Being a cynical old man who is often accused of saying funny things , I’m hoping this display is not my own words coming back to haunt me.  Of course my #2 son is the one that found this site. SHITMYDADGSAID

I might add this is the first really good use of twitter I’ve seen.


January 27, 2010

It’s always the funding be it politicians, corporations, governments, or individuals , funding is the name of the game.

Let’s do the political side of funding first.  As the current health reform debate has proven in spades , what the people want, or think they want, or what a whole bunch need has nothing to do with the end product if there even is one.  Just to name a few of the maneuvers we have seen in this process, first the President makes a back room deal with the drug companies to ban the negotiation of drug prices in Medicare D or in any of the new programs, you saw committees hold hearings where single payer advocates were thrown in jail for trying to participate in the hearings, you have seen individual congressman force deals for their states to get to 60 votes (which they don’t even need) , you have seen a single senator kill most of the progressive parts of the proposed legislation to get his vote, you have seen the executive branch cut deals with just about everyone but us to get support  for the watered down version of the bill, hell they even got unions to sign on.  So here we sit in the middle of the biggest citizen hold up since Jessie James and we have no real idea what’s in the bill.  In this case NOthing is better than something.

Finance Reform is more of the same , by the time deals are done being cut any changes will not stop the thievery on the Street.  Banksters have to buy pants with bigger pockets to hold the rolls of cash they are getting as bonuses.  The banks are using our money (graciously given by the FED) (to who they won’t tell us) and are playing the derivative market bigger than before.  Bank CEO’s testify before congress they are doing the work of God (told you he was a vindictive prick)  and come to find out if they are doing his work then he is a crook too.

The economy is in recovery , of course they are only looking at the stock market as a lone indicator, while every other indicator is in the tank headed down , down, down.  Meantime the FED has dumped 10’s of trillions somewhere , and as myself and others have pointed out it has been going into the back entrance to the stock market through various ingenious schemes (in more honest circles , called crimes)  or some say the Plunge Protection Team has been playing the futures market big time.  Banks have been getting zero interest loans from the fed and if they just buy T-Bills they are making 3 or 4 % on money that costs them nothing, or they might be lending it to us on our credit cards at 18 to 30% .  When you look at the bank cash reserves you can plainly see a huge chunk of money that came from (where)?

They are already building another bubble and most have not figured it out yet, some believe that they are trying to rebuild the housing bubble, I don’t think so.   Cap and Trade is being set up to make the housing bubble look like a kindergarten scheme.

So here we sit, anxiously awaiting the President’s State of the Union Speech.  Will he have the balls to say “MY FELLOW AMERICANS , WE ARE FUCKED”  ?  Oh hell no he won’t , there will be all kinds of bells and whistles that say we are in recovery and that it is time to cut spending  , Oh Sweet Jesus, some saw this coming a long time ago.  God knows what the reasons he is going to go this route, I seriously doubt he’s doing it to get the lone republican vote he might get.  Some would have you believe that Scott’s victory in Mass. has caused the Dems to panic and turn hard to the middle,  I think it has been the game plan all along to bail out the banksters, and letting us swing in the wind.  It really doesn’t matter what he says or does tonight , the cards are already dealt and the little amounts they are talking about will have no effect on the economy.

Enough said about the Political side, now for our side of the problem.  Let’s keep it simple, we will not look around to point fingers at whose fault this mess really is , instead let’s just look at where Average Joe American Is today.  For 30 years the goal has been to destroy the MIddle Class of America thru various means.  From the beginning with the firing of the Air Traffic Controllers to the outsourcing of 7 million manufacturing jobs, to the outsourcing of back room jobs, to the complete relocation of entire industries, to the insourcing of jobs they supposedly coudn’t find qualified people to fill.  The bottom line in the job market at least 22% are unemployed using numbers figured the old way like Shadow Stats shows you every month.  At the same time the makeup of the remaining workforce has changed from being a single wage earner to a two wage earner family.  Now as some say this change in workforce is a good thing and perhaps it should have been but when you look at wages from 1970 till 2008 explain to me please why household income has gone from 40,000 to 51,000 bucks  almost 40 years.  You don’t get very far in trying to compare costs to wages during the same time, you only get to the cost of housing and the cost of debt servicing to eat up more than half your income.  When you add on just the cost of the necessities of life you quickly see why the Average Joe was forced to hit his credit card or his equity line just to keep from loosing ground.  All the while being encourage by Government to spend it ,it’s your money, and they did. Now most are sitting in houses whose mortgages are underwater, whose credit cards are maxed, whose job is gone or downsized and is fast approaching the point of action.

What action you Scream.  Why the only one left.  I have cringed at the saying ‘OLD ECONOMICS DOESN’T APPLY ANY MORE”  I always though the same rules apply today as they always did.  I think I may have been wrong.  The government and the corporations don’t honour their commitments, their contracts, their word, or their obligations.  When they get in trouble , they walk away from it all.  Owe a lot of money that you can’t pay, then don’t , default on it or go bankrupt.  Have a contract on a nice new shiny plane, let them come get it if they can find it.

The Supreme Court has just ruled that Corporations have the same rights as all other citizens.  What’s Sauce for The Gander is Juice for the Goose must apply here.  If Corporations and governments can just walk away from their obligations, then we must be able to do it too.   MAKE IT SO!


January 22, 2010

After my last dreary post “THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED” a little pick me up was needed and as he often does Juan Cole provided the boost I needed.  He asks a really simple question Does this Supreme Court decision on corporate campaign money really have much of an impact in the Multi-Media communications network we enjoy today?  The answer , probably not, we have way too many choices  to watch any particular piece that is of interest to us.  It has already gotten amusing at times, when a piece surfaces that they didn’t want us to see so the rip it down, generally it’s too late, somebody has already archived it and it has surfaced for everyone to see.

Juan points out that this does make Net Neutrality a very important policy to maintain.  If they should ever find a nice little Supreme Court way of allowing corporations to control net content then we would really be in trouble.  So vigilance is a must.


January 22, 2010




In 1970 Don McClean wrote and sung “By By American Pie” a vivid description of where we had been and what we had evolved into.  Listen to the song , even if you were too young or not even here at the time.  If you were here during that period you will understand what your interpretation of the song was.  What I would like you to do is listen to the song and think about the way things are now.  Here’s an interpretation of the original.


Today at the close of the first decade of the 21st century I find myself pining for the music of my youth and for times that seemed so much simpler.  The shattering of the Constitution of the United States yesterday is comparable to the death mentioned in the song but much more serious to the welfare of the whole.  Bit by bit over the past 30 years and particularly the last ten years our Constitution has been whittled away a piece at a time , by utilizing acts of terror and threats of acts of terror to have us roll over and say “JUST MAKE ME SAFE, I’M AFRAID”


BY BY AMERICAN PIE today is the simple fact that our status as leading economic power, leading military power, leading moral authority and standard bearer for the world days are over.  We have watched the destruction of  the once most powerful economy in the world reduced to third world status by a small group of greedy banksters, aided by crooked politicians and paid for economists that led us and the world to destruction by sending misleading , dishonest signals to the consumers of the US (AND THE WORLD) that we should spend the excess equity in our homes, it was after all our money, and then manufactured loans they knew would blow up and then bet they would.

We have watched the most powerful military in the world , disgraced, humiliated and destroyed by two wars that didn’t have to be engaged in and in fact were told lies to get our backing.  We have now been engaged for 10 years in these wars , neither one of which will ever be stabilized or won.  Meantime our military is worn thin, the troops are burned out, their families destroyed , lives lost, bodies maimed, all for lies.  Disgrace, there is no other word that fits.


Today’s lady for me is America herself.  A once undying belief in her as a source of good in the world has been shattered over time by her dirty deeds.  During my time in the Military I without question believed my President and my leaders would tell me the truth when it came to things like launching nuclear missiles or the reasons for war.  Naive, you bet your butt I was.  Sooner or later you start to wake up , a book here and a book there , facts garnered bits and pieces at a time till suddenly you realize you have been living a dream.  (nightmare) The lady you held on a pedestal is in fact just a whore.



Summed up by a Bob Dylan quote:

How does it feel

to be on your own

With no direction home

Like a rolling stone.

Exactly, for millions of Americans, left without a job, without a home, without health insurance, without a retirement, without a country ,  WITHOUT !!!



Today we are facing the tumulus period of trying to find a way out of two wars and to prevent starting two more.  Total unrest with the political and economic systems.  From Teabaggers to Future forecasters calling for revolution it just remains a matter of time to watch the revolution start.  Meantime the fat cats set on the sidelines feeding the flames of revolution, somehow they think they will benefit.  I think they may be wrong about that.


The turmoil of verse 5 interpretation is depicted today by the Obama supporters dismay of what they have wrought. They banded together is huge numbers, beat the bushes for him , raised money for him, and along with Howard Deans 50 state strategy got him elected.   Just to see him appoint the Satan’s of the economic world to his team.  The bail out of the banksters, the wild spending of money, the escalation of wars, the continuation of torture and rendition have led to a great feeling of abandonment to his young supporters, who now are wandering around with no place to go.  The rising up of the Teabaggers being touted as very pissed off Americans over taxes, health care reform , gays, guns, abortion but really being funded by Astroturf organizations led by the Dick Army’s of the right and fed by racial hatred, religious fundamental yelling points, and led by devils in preachers clothes.


As in the interpretation if you roamed the country asking everyone you saw “IS THERE ANY GOOD NEWS” they would just turn and walk away.


Today we are in the exact same blow up point the song exams .  Wars we cannot win, and don’t know why we fight.  30 years of economic leadership we now know was bullshit and designed to make the rich richer.  30 years in which unions were destroyed, wages were lowered, women came into the work force for liberation but it was really done to keep the family income at stable levels,  It now takes two people’s wages to do what one wage use to be able to do.   30 years of watching our jobs being outsourced and replaced by burger flipping or Walmart clerk jobs at a lot less money.  30 years of watching company after company being bought up, merged, cut up and destroyed, from newspapers to manufacturing no company was safe.  But Globalization is good we are told , only one dude along the way (and we said he was crazy) told us what would happen.  Dear ole Ross Perot, the only true sayer in 30 years.  In the last 10 years we watched the real estate market bubble build and build, and we were told to spend the money , get a new mortgage with great initial rates and spend the equity difference, Oh and did we.  They didn’t tell us they were really selling us time bombs with delayed fuses, (OH AND THEY OWNED THE FUSE COMPANY) that would blow up in the near future they would take the house back and start the cycle over again.  Now we wait for the final bomb to go off.  We all know it’s coming , when is the only question.  Now like then , things looked pretty bleak  , yet we made it another 40 years.  The bounce will be a bitch but we will make it up again.


January 21, 2010

Don’t tell them there are 50 states, or OH GOD their going to throw two states out of the Union. During a celebration party of Brown’s victory in MASS.   A new flag surfaces proclaiming Revolution II.  A new idea surfaces too.  Split the states up 24 for the Democrats and 24 for the conservatives (including the Ron Paul and libertarian folks) along with some razzle dazzle about California and New York being split in half and the halfs can choose .

Pretty interesting to me because I have always felt these folk act like Spoiled Brats.  They stomp their feet , hold their breath till blue, cry, scream, wave flags  and then they secede  from the union.  It brings some very evil things into a corrupt mind such as mine.  Just thinking of the things you could do


January 21, 2010

One graph can tell you a lot.  This one is of mortgage resets which we have felt the results of the past few years.  What this graph tell us is that it is not over yet.  If fact it will close to being worse.  What it also tells us is that the economy will not recover anytime soon.  With more and more people feeling the pinch and or at least running scared of the future , they will not be spending money on anything other than necessaries .  Maybe making pot legal in California would not be a bad thing.  We would  be in the tank but we wouldn’t give a shit.