Like most gunslingers , they always think they are the fastest there is.  Some do it with guns , some do it with minds and then there are those that do it by mouth.  Republicans fall into this last category.  The cause is they only have a one word vocabulary “BOMB”  .  Iran is developing a nuclear trigger “BOMB THEN” they scream.  Days later they have to say “OOOOPS” the information was another fake (just like Iraq’s WMD’s”  .

A bomber tries to do in another plane, “BOMB YEMEN” they scream.  It’s “OBAMA’s fault” they scream but they block his appointment to head the TSA.  (not that, that would have changed anything) but it’s the principle of the thing.

Quick Lips, are not a good things (except for kissing)  and are really bad on political leaders or figure heads of crackpot movements (think Tea Baggers) (and fundamental anything’s ) .  Throw caution to the wind, never mind if it’s a lie or not , in fact if the truth isn’t bad enough it’s ok to lie, just repeat it often enough and it will become a truth.

Wake up please!  These fools are tying to get us killed.  Send them home to nice safe street sweeping job.

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  1. Junior Says:

    I want to know who the Indian guy is who helped the crotch bomber on the plane in Amsterdam. It’s all, as usual, just a little too damned convenient.

  2. Bob Scheide Says:

    I think it will take another week of TV coverage to answer your question,,,after all they have only been at it for 4 days.

  3. Larry J Says:

    Yes, now they are saying the guy who was taking the videos might be implicated. Question is, if he was that close to the bomb and the plane crashed, how would the videos be seen? He must have been sending them to someone. If so, who? Might be something to look into.
    Guess, I might not want to be a scots man wearing a kilt, or a woman wearing a lose skirt because they should be checking what is under those, like us having to take off our shoes because of the shoe bomb.

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