In a recent Rasmussen poll Democrats got 36% , Tea Party Candidate  got 23%, Republicans got 22%, undecided got 22% .  Now here’s an idea, let’s start a 4th party , it shouldn’t be hard to get the 22% who are undecided they don’t like anybody they see being offered.  Remember crazy Ole Ross Perot got 20% and could have won if ??  So with that in mind start thinking right now who would you vote for in a four way race.  If you could win 20 Senate seats you could have a neat little block (like the Blue Dogs) and force bills your way (just like Snow and Lieberman) in the health bill.  You just need to steal a little piece of the pies from the other 3 and bam , you got the job.

We can only hope the Tea Baggers stay around as a force(my guess is they won’t)  Even the crazy fundamentals don’t like White Racists(at least some of them don’t) , some are not against any people of color, some of them are not looking for Armageddon, some of they like medicare, some of them some of them are on welfare and food stamps, a whole bunch of them are on Social Security.

The TEA BAGGERS DON’T LOOK LIKE A PLANK TO ME,, THEY LOOK LIKE A BUNCH OF SPLINTERS HELD TOGETHER BY CHEAP GLUE…(nut job conservative money) So all sides are vulnerable as I see it.

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3 Comments on “LET’S GO FOR FOUR”

  1. Junior Says:

    Rasmussen’s polls have come under criticism of late. I wonder how much overlap there is between the Republicans and the Tea Party.

  2. Bob Scheide Says:

    Divided they fall

  3. Larry J Says:

    Like I said in the past. We need to start the Party party. Unlike the Tea baggers, we won’t talk about the other partys, we will drink beer and only talk about what we want to do and how it can be done.
    Since every one doesn’t want to hear about failure after enough beers, ideas will come forth and all problems will be solved. The ones that aren’t will be forgotten, and if they aren’t another party can be held.

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