I quit watching the Sunday talking head shows awhile back , it saves time and you miss nothing not watching it the same heads on are on almost every show and the puppets ask the same give a shit questions over and over.  Today you saved yourself a lot of trauma because you didn’t have to listen to Snoopy (Sen Lieberman) say we need to do a pre-emptive strike on Yemen along with his demands we attack Iran , considering he is in the Israeli pockets he of course would add Lebanon, and Gaza to his list too.

How many kin does the Senator have in the fight??  Does anyone ever ask him what he thinks is the consequence of his suggested actions.  Hell no they don’t , we don’t , nobody does.  We just nod our heads and say SICK EM SNOOPY  while ponying up another trillion bucks in fresh greenbacks.

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2 Comments on “SAVE YOURSELF”

  1. Jon M Barker Says:

    Sunday is for football!! F*** politics, If you don’t like the sports get some “hide the weeny movies”! If you expect anything but gibber from professional Bullshitters, well even a republican knows they have nothing constructive to say,,,,,,,

  2. Junior Says:

    Well, Jon, watching football is all well and good,unless you happened to have bet a bundle on the Indianapolis Colts last weekend.

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