But not any more.  I’ve fought the idea on these pages that I didn’t think 911 changed everything.  Why I have avoided the truth that’s been right before my eyes all along is beneath my understanding.  It appears that “WE THE PEOPLE” are too worried about our sorry asses to worry about little things like our freedoms.

We have stood by and watched things like the Patroit Act get written??  and passed just 5 weeks after 911 , personally I believe it was already in the can long before the event.  You’ll never convince me that 300 plus pages that violate our Constitution in many, many ways was written and passed in 5 weeks, and with damn near no debate in Congress.  If it smells like rotten fish, most likely it is rotten fish. Conspiracy Theory -Jesse in a Ventura in a six part piece shows you some of the ways our rights are being violated daily.  Some don’t like Jessie but anybody who was a Navy Seal has at least my attention and in this case he’s talking about things I’ve been upset about ever since the Patriot Act was passed.  He at least shows you how some of this stuff is being done.  The hell of it is the truth is their programs go a lot deeper than he talks about.  Anyway , his show is fun to watch even if you don’t believe in him.

This post is really about this story”HAVE AMERICANS TRADED THEIR FREEDOM FOR SECURITY” by Paul Craig Roberts one of my  current favourites.

OH YEAH- Is moving 100 Gitmo prisoners to Illinois what you though you were getting when Obama said he would close Gitmo.  It sure in hell wasn’t what I expected.  I expected either try them or let them go.

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