OH COME THE DAWN!  Tne Congress has finally come to the conclusion that hiring contractors to do jobs normally done by the military cost tons of money more than using military personnel.  Estimated saving per year 5 Billinion.  Are you shitting me?   Out of a Trillion dollar a year defense budget your going to save 5 billion.  There are more contractors on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan and probably Pakistan if you befieve the rumors than there are military personnel.

We have all read the horror stories of $400 a gallon gasoline in Afghanistan.  While that’s a ball buster the stories that got a HO HUM in the states were stories that contractors suppling meals to the troops wouldn’t do the job because it was too dangerous, pictures come into my head of some army cook telling the Gunny Sarg I ain’t cookin today it’s too dangerous.  Oh yeah!  I can see that.  (Just watched “Boys of Company C” again so I have a good picture of Command Sergents. My estimate is they could probably save 200 billion a year.  The problem they have is they would have to re-instate the draft to do it.  I’m sure that would change citizens opinion of these stupid wars.

While they are at it , they should look at all the Federal Employee jobs they have contracted out have worked for them.  I can tell you from personnel experience that contracting out in the powerplants I worked in not only cost them more it bought them inferior work.  Generally we had to send a federal employee out to watch them on top of having to redo the work half the time.  The Free Market Freaks sold us another bill of goods.


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