A PEEK AT 2010

More and more forecasts are coming in on what to expect economically in 2010.  Of course you have the most popular saying we are in recovery and from the stated fed action early 2010 they must believe it.  Bernake’s plan as of now is to shut off the lending spigots by the end of March.  This will mean an increase in interest rates and is probably the real reason for tightening up.  We need to finance a ton of money and whose is going to buy it at 0% interest.   So the fed is going to tighten up, the banks have never loosened up, the consumer is tapped out, wages are falling, foreclosures are increasing, credit card debt is increasing , unemployment is approaching The Great Depression levels at about 22% and rising.  Yet we are in recovery????  WANNA BUY A BRIDGE???

Gerald Celente in a recent Trend Alert lists his expectations for 2010.

  1. The Crash of 2010
  2. Depression Uplift.  An idea we will return to “ELEGANCE” which he sees as a shift away from Gansta Pants, (utts hanging out, horseshoes in your , tats in places the sun don’t shine, and tats where I don’t wanta see em,  2000 calorie hamburgers, 55 gallon sodas, french fries for 2 acres of spuds)(stuff in ( ) is me being cute??  A return to quality and individuality and a return to do it yourself activities to make up for lower incomes.
  3. Terrorism Attack- Celente sees one coming- I don’t because I do not see where they can gain a thing but some bombs on top of them by doing it.   bin-Laden has already brought us to self destruction why would he want to do more.. Anyway I hope he is dead wrong..
  4. Neo survivalist – will be forced on us by everything around us failing.  Financial systems, pension systems, medical systems , infrastructure , everything will collapse.
  5. Not Welcome Here-  and anti immigration movement and this will be world wide- you can already see this rising as the big issue on the far right.
  6. TB to fail- everything is America is too big to fail- from waist lines, credit lines, mortgage lines, to state , federal, military budgets all too big too fail!!  Wanna bet??
  7. Mothers of Invention- Forced by a lack of jobs good ole American ingenuity  take over and invent new lines of products that lower wage folks can afford.
  8. Not Made In China- Hot damn Celente is on my band wagon (he always was) but now it’s a trend . A Buy Local /My Country First will lead to protectionism and and trade wars (who cares) and it will force the TPTB to give up their Free Trade song and return to the Years of Yesterday.
  9. The Next Big Thing-Another information/Entertainment revolution.  We have seen the destruction of the major print media and next up will be TV/Cable networks which are self destroying at about the same rate.  We all (who have a TV) know essentially this is well underway right now. 200 channels with hardly anything to watch.  Except as a friend says “The Chipmunk Channel”

You can watch a Celente Interview on the above here

Mike Whitney joins those who says 2010 will be a downer . Not near as complicated as Celente.  In fact damn simple, the fed is going to cut the spigots off by March and down she’ll come if something doesn’t get it first.


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