You read ‘The Long Emergency”  and you believed it.  You have done everything you can possibly do to make your household sustainable under the worst conditions.  Now for the ultimate question (you know my famous I have but one question bit)  “ARE YOUR PREPARED TO KILL TO PROTECT IT”?   Now don’t get all in a huff and think the Tiger has turned Rogue.  It is the ultimate question you have to answer if you intend to live through the coming mess,, yeah I know , you are against all kinds of killings, so if your answer is NO , I won’t kill , then party on.   I’ll be up front on my own decision in this matter.  Yep, I will kill and as my journalist son has said “We will retreat to the Tiger’s compound and yes we are armed and the rifles have scopes”.. TAKE THE POLL

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  1. Heidi Says:

    Wow, what a question…
    I am armed and answered “Yes.”
    Hell of a world, huh.


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