George Washington Blog posted today Unrest in USA do to an economic crash.  I hope you didn’t think we have had that already.   Trust me you ain’t seen nothing yer!!

I’ve mentioned time after time the mention of internal strife in the US as a result of the economic melt down getting worse in the near future.  When the Army War College warns of an internal conflict and drills on the subject .   If you want to take it to extremes Why did they form the Northern Command and ask for 400,000 troops to be posted throughout the US in times of conflict.   The protection we think that the Posse Comitatus is not as great as we have been led to believe, there has been and will be legislation to make it totally legal.  So as I have asked before ‘Do you think troops would fire on their kin, mothers, fathers, brothers “?

The fact that parts of our high military command has this topic on the table and have drilled on their combat plans in the event this happened leads me to of course another question “What in the hell do they know that they are not talking about”?  Readers of this blog and the blogs I link to know what is coming down and have a feel for just how bad it could be.  The same group of people who are warning of a revolt have repeatedly pointed out the angry mood of a whole bunch of people from Teabaggers to bloggers like the Tiger who have pointed out why they are angry.  In my case I have told you the events that have angered me and replacing Bush with Obama has not changed a damn thing.

Daily talk of cities , counties, states declaring bankruptcy and defaulting on all their retirees pensions and health care obligations. , coupled with another stock market crash, hyperinflation, decreasing house values, could put angry people in the street.  There are so many events cooking on the front burner that could ignite the masses to revolt.  The question is “Do you think it’s possible that there could be another revolution’?   and the ultimate question “What would your actions be if a revolution started?

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  1. Larry J Says:

    Do I think it is possible to have a revolution, well anything is possible. Does the American Civil war come close?
    I just hope that doesn’t happen, because the liberals will definately be outgunned. It would almost have to be a repeat of the Civil war of people against people because we probably don’t have enough military or national guard left in the US to stop a civil war between the “people”.
    What would I do if it came to a shooting war? Well, I can only shoot one gun at a time, while the other one is being reloaded so I don’t really need more than the ones I have. The crazies will just waste bullets, while I will place my shots.

  2. Jon M Barker Says:

    Shoot’em all! Let deflation have a chance!

  3. Bob Scheide Says:

    How about a little imagination out there. The Tiger compound is building Trevchet’s to fling deer meat about 250 yards out(of course our rifles are sited at 300 yards.

    • Larry J Says:

      Unless there are antlers on the meat, they probably won’t shoot at it.
      Oh, what I am thinking. Most redneck hunters wouldn’t care about that.

      • thegreytiger Says:

        I think you missed my point Larry, they will be scrounging for food, I am throwing food they will fall on it to eat, at which time I will shoot them…hard hearted bob

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