There will be no health care reform, now Howard Dean joins me in saying the current bill should be killed in the senate and a start over as a reconciliation bill should proceed.  Which means it will be a straight budget proposal. So here a suggestion , “Medicare E, which stand for Medicare for all.  One bill, one line, straight vote requiring a simple majority.

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2 Comments on “AS I SAID MONTHS AGO”

  1. Jon M Barker Says:

    If your talking about “1 vote” being the electorate vs the axe grindung jerkoffs in Congress & Senate, we agree. to big an issue to be decided by, and I use the term advisidly, representatives!

    ps: you may always post my comments with your blog statements, etc.

    • thegreytiger Says:

      Mike, All comments submitted via the blog are automatically posted , good , bad , and the really bad. So if you want to call me a mother fucker and don’t wish it to be public use my other email address, or if you want to call me a mother fucker in public that’s ok too.

      Merry Christmas to you and the dogs and I hope for a good 2010 for all of us..

      Cheers, Bob

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