In the song Rock Island Line , JOHNNY CASH sings  I FOOLED YOU, I FOOLED YOU, I GOT PIG IRON!  Same deal with Obama . As I said in a post last night we all bought into Obama’s chant of CHANGE .  We got change all right , we got GW Bush Jr. in democrats clothing in more ways than I would like to admit.  We should have known better at least economically as all the signals were there during the campaign.  When we saw names like Rubin, Sommers, Geithner and many other Chicago School, Goldman/Sachs alumni showed up in the Obama camp.  But no, no we drank the Kool Aid and elected Mr. Obama president.  Personality wise I like the man and his wife is hot, (gee I hope she don’t show up on Tiger’s list)  (NO NOT THIS TIGER FOOLS),  you know the golfer guy..  other than that he is a great disappointment to me and apparently getting to be with a lot of others.

Out of this economic mess has risen a journalist (MATT TAIBBI )who previously admits knew damn little about economics, well he must be one fast study as he has  done some of the best reporting on this mess I have seen. Today he does another OBAMA’S BIG SELLOUT” where he lays out for you the economic players on the team and worse yet how the Congress plays ball with them while pretending to do health care, economic reform, war and damn near all else.

Bottom line dear friends is ‘WE HAVE BEEN HAD” and I’m terribly afraid nothing will be done to save you and me, the rich ones will be fine, their institutions may fail but their loot will be in a safe haven some where.  As has happened in the past, when things get bad enough , we will wake up and take our country back and I would suggest that their are lots of peaceful ways to do it.   The jails are already full, so I suppose we will find out if the re-education camps  are for real .

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One Comment on “I GOT PIG IRON”

  1. Junior Says:

    I got pig iron, pig iron, all pig iron!

    Rest in peace, Johnny.

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