I’m way out on a limb in this prediction and some of my favorite people (Celente ) whose predicting that this is the opening shot of the New American Revolution and last night on Thom Hartmann he suggests we progressives join forces with the Teabaggers and we have a lot of things in common with them.  I think Thom got hold of some bad weed, or his herbal tea was spiked, to suggest this merger is really , really dumb.

First off  the Tea Bag movement was started by Right Wing Crazies and funded by Even Crazier Organizations and run by Lee Atwater trained agitators.  Just watch a few and you’ll see for yourself that they have been whipped up by outside forces to bring attention to the far right causes.  The major topics of their hatred is exhibited by folks who are obviously on  Medicare screaming ‘KEEP THE GOVERNMENT HAND OFF MY HEALTH CARE”  and “SEND ALL THE ILLEGALS HOME OR TO JAIL”  .  Some would suggest that this is Racial hatred showing thru and I will just say I hope not, we have been there before.   The movement is already splintering on factions so laughable that to join them would be like committing suicide.  A big spit happened when an organizer showed up at the speaker podium with  a Bobble Head Christ , which ended in a whole new splinter group breaking from the pack.  You can bet there will be more when then start beating the  GGAG  drums once again (god , gays, abortion, guns)  , throw in a little taxes and a big dose of socialism and you have chaos.  These folks are the same bunch when polled put the Obama , Huckabee, Romney ,Palin, in an almost tie for 2012.  I know these are early polls and probably meaningless , none the less they are scary to think this is the best the opposition has to offer.

As one caller said to Hartmann last night , he’s been to Tea Bag meetings and was scared away from the mike where he intended to voice a slightly more left solution to the problems discussed but became afraid by the ferocity of the crowd against health care and immigration.  A conservative caller suggested you could actually talk  differences with the right, I would sure like to meet one and of yet I haven’t.

I respect both men mentioned in this post but as always I reserve the right to disagree with anybody and on this topic I think they got caught off third with a fake pitch.  They will find their way back I’m sure and both are big enough to in the future admit they called this one wrong.  I’ll leave you with my thought that it is just possible as economic conditions worsen (and they will) the Teabaggers may join a movement not yet started , we have time on our side and yes I know 2010 is right around the corner and that the rumor is the republicans could take back both houses,  I just ask would it make any difference , probably not.

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  1. Junior Says:

    I Thom is right, progressives and teabaggers do have a lot of complaints in common. Unfortunately, both sides speak a different language. The extreme wingnut faction is heavily financed, by everyone from Big Pharma to Rupert Murdoch. Where is the equivalent financing on the left? Why isn’t George Soros funding ant-war and pro-single payer rallies across the U.S.? Bill Gates is to be commended, just for MSNBC alone. God bless TruTV and Jesse Ventura.

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