I’ve said this many, many times before.  It’s the US’s turn to have the IMF austerity program applied to us and destroy our middle class while installing on ever higher pedestals the rich, super, and just plain Too God Dam Rich into having us over the barrel where we have to work for slave wages if we want to eat.  They screwed almost all   Latin American economies with their Free Market, deregulate, privatize everything but the cat routine.  What made the countries go along with their program?  Debt, Debt and more Debt , to get the bucks needed to carry their debt burden they had to agree with the terms the IMF laid on them .  Strangely enough the same exact thing happened in every country without exception.  The fancy name for this theory is “Chicago School ” economics and Milton Friedman was it’s Guru.  He was full of shit then and his theory is still full of shit. Watch out my friends now they are trying to sell this same ole theory with a new name “Austrian School”  , same shit different  cover.

This is not the time to worry about deficits , it’s the time to spend like a drunken sailor, so says Mike Whitney and me.  It’s the time to throw up tariff barriers so damn high that there will be no other way to make goods than to do it in this country.  Make work government jobs, HELL NO, real make shit jobs, windmills , solar panels, water works, dams, Nuke plants, new rail systems . clothes, shoes, textiles, food, and on and on and on.  The only way you can do this is by huge government involvement and lots and lots of money.  Were broke they scream.  Once again I ask you a simple question , “IF WERE BROKE WHERE DID THEY GET THE 11 TRILLION THEY PUMPED  INTO THE ECONOMY TO RESCUE THE BANKS”.  Same damn place they will get the money for my projects, they printed it.  The major difference in the programs , you’ll be able to see the money I want to spend at work.  Hell they won’t even tell us what they did with the money.

It will cause hyperinflation  “BULLSHIT’  , not as long as value is being destroyed (such as housing) and debt destruction counts too, defaults on houses, credit card, car loans, business failures, bank failures all diminish the money supply.  The FED has pumped 11 trillion bucks in increased money supply so where’s the increase in money supply ??

Looks like all three M’s are in the tank to me, how about you???  So why should spending the money building stuff we need and putting people back to work cause inflation if bailing out the banks didn’t.  Obama and the boys are Chicago School flunkies there is no doubt about it and if you had looked at the his economic advisers during the campaign (Robert Rubin) for Christ’s sake led the team you are probably not surprised.  You like me were counting on a miracle, and tried hard to believe that Obama was playing chess while Rubin and the boys were playing checkers.  Guess we got fooled!!!

The bottom line is just plain ole  CHECKBOOK ECONOMICS,  What is worse , slowly starving to death, no job, no house, no money, no food, children starving AND YOU HAVE NO HOPE,  or you have a job, prices are rising but so are your wages, you have food, you have a roof over your head, your children are not hungry, and the most important of all you once again have HOPE  That’s the cold hard facts dear friends, don’t buy into we gotta cut spending, just do me one favor listen to John Perkins former economic hit man describe what he did to Latin American economies and why it is exactly the same as is happening here.  If this post doesn’t convince you that Whitney and I are right on this , then there is no hope for the American Future.  I know let’s do a Rasmussen poll and have Fox report on the results .  158 % of you will say I’m full of shit.  I might be, but you’ll die with a full belly.

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2 Comments on “IMF’N THE USA”

  1. Heidi Says:

    Excellent post!
    I like the “HOPE” reference and foxes “158%”.
    As a hyperinflation believer, I am going to take a second look at it. Your argument makes sense. If the ship (submarine) is going down anyway, why not make it easier on the people?!

  2. Junior Says:

    Austerity-speak filters down all the way to the local level. The mayor of our town recently told me he’s going to “cut down on waste,” after two years of devastating budget cuts. There’s no waste left. But I’m sure there’s some poor people who can be denied benefits. They’re talking about privatizing the public park employees–get around the unions. It’s frightening, because the so-called “people” buy this spiel.

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