THE CATHOLIC BISHOPS GET TO SIGN OFF ON SEN STUPAK’S ABORTION AMENDMENT.  First off the highlighted link is really close to the truth,  this amendment is in fact another ‘FAMILY’ driven amendment, which means it doesn’t have a thing to do with Catholicism.  Catholics pay little attention to Bishops, or in fact even the Pope, they know the motive behind these guys, money and lots of baby Catholics, and they also know they can’t survive follow their ancient rules to the letter.

So what is this all about.  You have heard a lot about “THE FAMILY” of late due to publicity of the book written by Jeff Sharlet outlining the political power of this almost Secret organization.   This is their amendment and the Catholic bishops have signed on with them in this battle as they think it fits their cause.  The whole deal is to stir up the fundamental base in the hopes of gaining seats in Congress and perhaps the Presidency.  Good luck with the later with the field of candidates they have put forth so far.

It’s damn scary to me that ‘THE FAMILY’ has this kind of power and can drive a supposed Democrat to sponsor a bill that could kill all health care reform talk and on top of that why would a dead and dying religion have a say on any legislation.  The answer is they don’t it’s THE FAMILY and don’t be fooled for a minute.

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